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Hollywood Make-Up Artist Pati Dubroff Shares Her Best Beauty Tips

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Anushree Sardesai

Pati Dubroff, renowned for her work with Hollywood’s elite such as Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, Kylie Jenner, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, and Priyanka Chopra, made headlines this year for her captivating ‘white wedding’ look on Sofia Grainge Richie. The make-up maestro visited India after nearly two decades for an exclusive masterclass hosted by Master of Makeup (MOM), a newly-established beauty experiential platform that aims to bring the best global celebrity make-up and hair artists to India for workshops and insightful sessions.

In an interview with HELLO!, she took us on a journey through her life, detailing her Indian wedding over two decades ago, sharing insights into her celebrity clientele and revealing her top beauty tips.

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HELLO!: Pati, how has your experience in India been thus far?

Pati Dubroff: “I have been travelling on a yatra to sacred places in the North — Haridwar, Kedarnath and Rishikesh, along with temples in the surrounding areas. It has truly been an inspiring and deeply poignant adventure; the helicopter up to Kedarnath was especially thrilling! I have visited India a handful of times, but that was many years ago. While it’s been wonderful to see how the country has evolved, the ancient sacred spirit is still deeply present.”

H!: You’ve mentioned that you were introduced to the world of make-up at the age of 10. What made you realise that this could be a potential career?

PD: “When I discovered the magical items on my mother’s make-up table I had no idea this could be my career! Back in the day, it wasn’t a widely known career path, but luckily I followed my interests in this transformative craft and am still in love with all things beauty related.”

H!: You emphasise a lot on skin prep, can you break it down for us?

PD: “When the skin is ‘asleep’ it can look dull and lacklustre. Therefore, starting the make-up routine requires more products to make the skin glow; by stimulating the blood flow and working the muscles, it starts to look more alive. While microcurrent can give the face a more lifted and sculpted appearance, using cold tools can help reduce puffiness and make it brighter. I am also beginning to learn about facial yoga techniques.”

H!: What are some common beauty mistakes people make?

PD: “Common mistakes are using too much powder, using only one shade of foundation, improper blush placement and making the eyebrows look too solid.”

H!: How do you spend your time when you’re not doing make-up?

PD: “I love spending time in nature by going on walks and hikes. I love the mountains and also the sea. I practise meditation and yoga and enjoy exercising my body through pilates, weight training and boxing. I’m most happy to just hang out with my family and friends (and my cat Raja!). I also enjoy exploring culture through food.”

H!: You’ve worked with the biggest names in the industry. Can you tell us a little something about your favourite looks you’ve created over the years?

PD: “Some recent favourites include the look I gave Sofia Richie [Grainge] for her wedding, which was timeless, chic, understated yet vibrant. Also, all the Barbie press tour looks I created for Margot Robbie, as well as the Oscar looks for Charlize Theron, and the looks I gave Priyanka Chopra Jonas for the royal wedding and Met Galas.”

H!: You mentioned Margot and Priyanka as your favourite celebrities to work with. Can you describe what you’ve discovered about their personalities through your work? Do they have any make-up likes and dislikes?

PD: “Margot is down-to-earth, extremely hard working and always makes time for her friends and family. She really understands the magical ability make-up has to set a mood and create a character. And PCJ (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) is so much fun to be around! Her smile lights up the room like the sun. She also loves to explore moods with make-up. Both of them want their skin to look like skin and not a mask of make-up.”

H!: What are the go-to products one will always find in your kit?

PD: “Face tools from ZIIP, ReFa and LYMA, along with the CurrentBody Skin LED light panels; skincare from OneSkin and Noble Panacea; foundation from SUQQU; creamy blushes and bronzers from Makeup by Mario; lipsticks, tinted lip balms, mascaras, body make-up, highlight sticks [Chanel Baume] and the Stylo Ombre et Contour #12 pencil from Chanel; lip pencils from DIBS Beauty and brow pencils from Kosas. And of course, powder puffs and high-quality brushes.”

H!: What are the five tips one can follow to get that perfect red carpet glow? What is your famous zoning technique?

PD: “Use sheer layers, powder only where it’s most needed and highlight using creamy glow products instead of sparkling powders. Primer is placed on the T-zone while moisturising products are placed on the higher bones and perimeter. A red carpet doesn’t mean you have to pile on the product, less can be more as long as it is still polished.”

H!: Your connection to India runs deep — you got married here over two decades ago!

PD: “I first came to India in 1990 to meet my Guru and spend time in her ashram. I have also travelled here, even attending the Kumbh Mela in 2001. My husband and I married in a small village temple 25 years ago. It was not a ‘traditional’ Indian wedding, just a very small and personal affair.”

H!: You’ve mentioned that make-up should be worn like jewellery. Can you share some make-up trends that are suitable for the festive season in India?

PD: “I like to pick one feature and play that up. Once that feature is identified, I harmonise the colours with what is being worn, much like a piece of jewellery that enhances clothing. And just like jewellery, sometimes this means a bold statement while often, it is a soft accent.”