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Why Is Everyone Talking About The K-Pop Band Loona And Chuu?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Even if your knowledge of K-pop is limited to ‘Gangnam Style’ or the odd BTS fancam that props up on your Explore page on Instagram, you would not have missed the headlines involving K-pop girl group Loona.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing the name everywhere, we’ve got the lowdown for you. The band made its way into the news cycle recently after one of the members, Chuu, was removed from the group following allegations of misbehaviour towards a staff member of their parent agency Blockberry Creative.

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What happened with Chuu from Loona?

Blockberry Creative released a statement last week, announcing the removal of Chuu, or Kim Ji-woo, from the group Loona. The agency claimed that this was done because of her alleged “violent language” and “misuse of power” towards the agency’s staff.

What happened after Chuu was removed from Loona?

Fans of the band, known as ‘Orbits’, flooded social media with outraged support for the idol and claimed that the agency must have been at fault and demanded proof of her alleged misbehaviour.

The company released another statement explaining that the first statement wasn’t meant to be an exposé and requested fans to refrain from making speculative reports without evidence. They also claimed to be ready with evidence to prove the allegations and said that they would do so if both parties, Chuu and the alleged victim, agree.

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How did Chuu react to the allegations?

The idol took to Instagram to put out a statement of her own, denying all allegations lobbied against her. She wrote, “As I have not received any contact regarding this series of situations or know anything about them, I’m currently grasping the situation, but what I’m sure of is that I haven’t done anything that would be shameful to my fans. In the future, as my position is decided, I will share another statement.”

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What is happening now with the band?

Earlier this week, nine members of the 12-member group filed injunctions to suspend their contract with the agency.

Members Heejin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip, Jin Soul, Choerry, Go Won, and Olivia Hye claimed that it’s difficult to continue working with the agency as the “trust has been broken”. The agency has not commented on this new development yet.