Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon on Koffee With Karan© Disney+ Hotstar

5 Top Moments From Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff’s Episode Of ‘Koffee With Karan’

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Co-stars of the upcoming action film Ganpath, and two actors who made their onscreen debut together, Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon were the guests on the infamous Kouch on Koffee With Karan this week.

After a monologue that was equally as bizarre as the previous monologues, Karan Johar brought on the two stunning actors to the show.

Both the actors were decked out in brightly coloured outfits that, according to Shroff, made them look like a candy shop, kicking off the episode that, to nobody’s surprise, mostly revolved around their dating past and future.

From Shroff addressing the break-up rumours with Disha Patani to Sanon revealing her embarrassing audition stories, here are all the top highlights from the ninth episode of Koffee With Karan

Kriti Sanon for Student of The Year Part 1?

When asked if she had ever failed to get a part after auditioning, Sanon recounted her experience of giving an audition for the first time. Serendipitously, the movie she auditioned for was Student of the Year, for the role that eventually went to Alia Bhatt. She quickly clarified, much to Johar’s relief, that her audition was horrible as she had no idea what to do and was not surprised that she didn’t get the part.

Tiger and Disha’s relationship status

Tiger Shroff’ and Disha Patani©Getty Images

The two former co-stars have been spotted together by fans and paparazzi multiple times out on supposed dates. The two have also shown up to events and red carpets together. While they never confirmed, or denied, their relationship status, rumours of them going their separate ways started surfacing recently. When asked whether they are still dating or not, Shroff replied saying he was single. “I am single. I think so at least, and I am currently looking around. ” He asserted that they’ve always been great friends and have never let the speculations bother them.

Aditya Roy Kapur + Kriti Sanon are the new It couple

Aditya Roy Kapur©Getty Images

When Sanon confessed that she’d been single for a long time, Johar revealed that he can sense something brewing between her and Aditya Roy Kapur. According to him, the two were canoodling in a corner at his birthday party and he is convinced that there is something between them. Sanon firmly denied that saying she would never “canoodle in a corner”, but admitted that Kapur was a great guy and she wouldn’t mind getting to know him more. Later, Johar offered to set them up for a dinner date too, for which she agreed.

Tiger and his giant crush on Hrithik Roshan

While Hrithik Roshan wasn’t present physically on the show, he was very much a part of this episode thanks to Shroff’s ardent fan worship. The Baaghi actor has always spoken about how much he admires Roshan. The two have also starred together in the hit action movie War (2019), which has been a subject of discussion whenever the topic of ‘queerbaiting in Bollywood’ comes around. Johar asked Shroff about his reaction to what was the most homoerotic line in Bollywood in his opinion (When Shroff’s character tells a girl simping over Roshan to “get in line”).

He also brought up Roshan’s iconic entry scene in the movie where he descends from a helicopter in slo mo, looking rugged and handsome, with Shroff (and other men on the base) looking at him with what can only be described as not totally friendly and platonic feelings. Shroff just laughed and said he was trying to portray his admiration and respect for Roshan’s character and nothing else.

Kriti and her conservative mom

In the last episode, Johar had revealed that Kiara Advani got the part in his segment of Lust Stories (2018) after Sanon passed over the role. According to him, it was her mother who told her not to take on the role as the character had to have an orgasm on screen. Sanon admitted that it was her biggest regret and that she used to consult her mother before taking on any roles when she was new in the industry. She also revealed that her mom was left scandalised after watching her make out onscreen in Raabta (2017). Johar offered to talk to her mother and allay some of her worries for her daughter’s virtue and Sanon readily accepted the offer.

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