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5 Top Moments From Kiara Advani And Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Koffee With Karan’ Episode

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

We’re well into the seventh season of the show everyone loves to hate (but still watches diligently) and it’s finally Kiara Advani’s time to debut on the infamous Kouch.

The actress finally lost her “Koffee Virginity” (Karan Johar’s words, not ours) and definitely became one of the most entertaining guests on the show.

The actress was joined by her Kabir Singh co-star Shahid Kapoor, who has made an appearance on all seven seasons of the show and is a card-carrying veteran now.

The episode kicked off with a monologue by the host that didn’t make any sense (there was talk of punches being thrown at some point. We’re not fully sure if it was real life or was it just fantasy). After Advani and Kapoor settled on the Kouch for a chat the first topic was their dating life. Before Kapoor got married to Mira Rajput, the actor was open about his relationships with his fellow co-stars, including Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Advani, on the other hand, has been confirmed to be in a relationship with her Shershaah co-star Siddharth Malhotra, as we had discovered in the last episode, featuring Malhotra and Vicky Kaushal.

This set the tone for the rest of the episode, which was focused mostly on planning Advani’s inevitable wedding with Malhotra and Kapoor’s dating past before his marriage. And Johar insistence that he’s going through a mid-life crisis.

From wedding planning to shameful confessions, here are the top highlights from the eighth episode of Koffee With Karan

Karan and Kiara’s serendipitous meeting

Advani’s breakout role in Johar’s segment in the 2018 anthology film Lust Stories almost didn’t happen. The JugJugg Jeeyo actress can thank Kriti Sanon’s conservative mom for landing the role! Johar revealed that he initially had Sanon in mind for the role of the woman who discovers pleasure and empowerment in the most mortifying way possible, but her mother didn’t allow her to do the role.

When the director ran into Advani at a party, he was instantly enamoured by her and offered her the role shortly. Knowing Johar is going to be the director of the movie, Advani wasted no time before jumping on board.

Shahid opened up about marriage with Mira

The Jersey actor has never been shy about talking about his relationships and his eventual decision to opt for an arranged marriage with a much younger Mira (Kapoor was 34 when he got married to a 20-year-old Mira), who also happened to be from a non-Bollywood background.

The actor opened up about his marriage, saying, “I have two very distinct sides to myself. One is obviously what people see of me being an actor, and from the fraternity, and the glitz and the glamour, you know all that. And then I also have a very homely and spiritual side to myself. I have a deep faith and I am a vegetarian. I don’t drink. You know, I have all those things, so, I always found it difficult to come across somebody, who would be able to understand both sides of me. And I really struggled with that. And I was 34 and I was kind of ready to settle down. Because I had been living on my own for over ten years. And just at that time, through family and through friends everything came up. But it just happened and we met and it’s the best thing that happened in my life.”

He also revealed that, initially, he felt really protective of Mira as she was very young and not a part of the industry.

The Kabir Singh-shaped elephant in the room

With the two guests, it would be remiss to not talk about Kabir Singh and its impact. Johar confessed that he loved the movie and felt deeply moved by it but hadn’t been able to admit this in front of anyone for the fear of being cancelled. Kapoor added that people felt a lot of pressure to not reveal their love for the film because of the fact that the movie was considered problematic on many fronts.

Kiara-Sid 4ever

With Siddharth Malhotra’s admission in the last episode, and Advani quipping that the two of them were “definitely more than friends”, it was all but confirmed that the two actors are in a serious relationship with each other (if all the talks of a year-end wedding are anything to go by). Advani revealed that she had known Malhotra much before they began working together on Shershaah. The two met at a party Advani and Johar had crashed, post the shooting of Lust Stories and the rest was history.

Kiara and Shahid’s BFF goals

Advani and Kapoor displayed peak BFF behaviour on the Kouch, with the actor constantly pulling her leg about being coy regarding her relationship and upcoming nuptials and Advani naming him as the co-star she wanted to bitchslap (in her head) after he spent eight hours discussing shoes with their director. During the Koffee Quiz segment, Advani tried to gain extra points by calling up his wife Mira and Kapoor sabotaged her by constantly calling her on the phone so she couldn’t make any calls in the short time given. Also, Kapoor admitted that the two of them coordinated their outfits for the show!

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