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5 Top Moments From Ananya Panday And Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Koffee With Karan’ Episode

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Karan Johar kicked off this week’s episode by going on a rant about how easy it is to offend people these days. The director said he can’t even call people ‘boring’ anymore, instead opting for calling them “differently interesting”. Before digging himself further into a hole born out of cringe, Johar revealed that the guests for the night would be the two main leads of the upcoming film Liger, Ananya Panday and Vijay Deverakonda.

While Panday had made an appearance on the Kouch before, this was Deverakonda’s first appearance on the show, though he has been a fixture in all debates and discussions for the past two episodes.

The episode revealed a lot about the two guests’ love lives and their vastly different journeys as actors. From clearing romance rumours to candid confessions about dealing with hate, here are the top highlights from the fourth episode of Koffee With Karan

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A penchant for falling in love too fast

The actress revealed that she has the tendency to fall in love really quickly, leading to many relationship woes in the past. Johar also confirmed that the Student of the Year 2 actress dated her former co-stars Ishaan Khatter and Kartik Aaryan. He also announced that Panday is currently crushing hard on Aditya Roy Kapur who she met at Johar’s recently held birthday bash.

Parasocial relationships and more

Since his love life has been a source of intense confusion and discussions over the past few episodes, it was inevitable that Johar would grill the Arjun Reddy actor about his relationship with Pushpa actress Rashmika Mandanna. Without batting an eyelid, the actor replied saying that he won’t confirm or deny anything related to his love life until he decides to get married. According to him, it won’t be fair to break the hearts of the fans who probably think of him as their dream man (he didn’t have to call us out on having photos of our celebrity crushes as our wallpapers, but he did and we’ve got to respect him for that).

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Online hate and trolling

Panday has been the subject of incessant trolling because of her privileged background and the nepotism in play behind her getting movie roles in Bollywood. The actress spoke about how she could understand where the hate was coming from but felt that it got too overwhelming when they started targetting her family. She admitted that now she lets it slide off her and has learnt to ignore it all.

Long-standing friendships

It is known that Panday is close friends with fellow star kids Shanaya Kapoor and Suhana Khan, both of whom are making their Bollywood debuts very soon. When asked if there’s a sense of competitiveness amongst them, Panday revealed that becoming actors was a collective dream since their childhood and that she only feels extreme love and joy for her friends. In the Rapid Fire round, she was asked if she would step aside, or ask them to step aside, in case they’re all up for the same role. Panday wasted no time before saying that it would never come to that as the three of them respect each other enough to compete fairly in such a situation.

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The Arjun Reddy/Kabir Singh controversy

Deverakonda became a household name after his movie Arjun Reddy (2017) became a superhit and got adapted into the Bollywood film Kabir Singh (2019), starring Shahid Kapoor. While the film’s numbers at the Box Office showed that it was a massive hit, it got slammed by critics and feminist activists for its glorification of abusive relationships. Deverakonda cleared his stance on the matter, explaining that as an actor, he had to empathise with the character in order to portray him on-screen, despite not necessarily agreeing with the choices made by the character. He also revealed that many women had come up to him, admitting that they, too, wanted a guy like Arjun Reddy/Kabir Singh in their lives.

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