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HELLO! Recommends: 4 Books That Should Be On Your Reading List This June

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Pooja Prabbhan Srijith

From a gripping crime-thriller and an eye-opening, self-help book to a practical guide on career management, we bring you the hottest releases of the month for your bookshelves


Limitless: The Power Of Unlocking Your True Potential by Radhika Gupta

Limitless: The Power Of Unlocking Your True Potential by Radhika Gupta©Hachette India

Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss, has brought us an unputdownable read in Limitless. A handy guide on gliding through work and life, Gupta leaves us with invaluable, straight-talking advice, peppered with trinkets of corporate wisdom that she amassed over the years, as one of the youngest chief executive officers in India’s financial sector. From real-life accounts of overcoming adversity to discovering sustainable routes to success, each page of Gupta’s book offers a refreshing perspective on navigating life, professional troubles and idiosyncrasies. Crisp and engaging, this self- help book by the Wharton School alumnus will strike a chord with young working professionals and veterans alike.


Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian Mcallister

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian Mcallister©Penguin

While Gillian McAllister is no stranger to doling out cult classics, Wrong Place Wrong Time cements her spot as the queen of thrillers. The fast-paced plot follows Jen, a hassled mother who wishes to turn back time to give Todd, her murderer son, a clean state, only to set in motion a voyage of unanticipated discoveries. Wrong Place Wrong Time evokes a roller-coaster of emotions, as one dives deep into the complex narrative. Equal parts riveting and satisfying, the book is backed by powerful and intelligent storytelling — a signature McAllister.


Nireeswaran by VJ James

Nireeswaran by VJ James©Penguin

An intelligent read, Nireeswaran by celebrated Malayalam novelist VJ James gives us an insight into what spirituality truly is, using sharp humour and satire to question and call out blind faith. Atheist protagonists Antony, Sahir and Bhaskaran are out to prove that god is a superstition. The trio erects a mutilated idol of Nireeswaran, the embodiment of anti- god, in an attempt to show people that their religion has no basis. Then ensues a series of events that leave the three in quite a dilemma. What follows is anything but the expected, evoking laughter along the way without ruffling sensitive feathers. The overall narrative of this humorous yet hard-hitting gem is a wonderful testament to the author’s storytelling prowess.

The Art Of Management by Shiv Shivakumar

The Art Of Management by Shiv Shivakumar©Penguin Portfolio

For those who wish to introspect their own perception of career growth and success, The Art of Management won’t disappoint. A powerful read by Aditya Birla Group Executive President Shiv Shivakumar, it shares practical takeaways from one of India’s longest-serving CEOs. The author offers simple and clear messages to emphasise the three integral elements of career management — managing yourself, managing your team and managing your business. From in-depth interviews with 21 top business leaders to addressing compelling questions, The Art of Management questions existing strategies on surviving the rat race in the changing decade.

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