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November 27’s Full Moon Will Negatively Affect 3 Zodiac Signs

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

As we inch towards the end of November, the cosmic overlords are here with a whammy for us all. A full moon, making its way into Gemini, is set to have lasting astrological implications for a few zodiac signs.

The full moon, called ‘Beaver Moon’, is supposed to peak on November 27 (Monday). While full moons, typically, are a time of reflection and are said to be perfect for achieving closure, this one is a bit different.


Since it transits in Gemini, it takes on the signature traits of the zodiac sign which are duality and a natural restlessness. So what was supposed to be a time for slowing down and self-evaluation will turn into a period rife with misunderstandings and chaotic multitasking.

3 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Negatively Effected By November’s Full Moon

While the full moon affects most signs this time, these are the three zodiac signs that might have a rough time during the cosmic event…


Since the full moon is rising in the sign, it’s no surprise that Gemini will be the most impacted sign out of all. For many Geminis, this is a crucial period both personally and professionally. The full moon directly stands to impact your decision-making abilities and is, therefore, not the right time to make big financial decisions. There are also petty conflicts and misunderstandings on the cards, so beware!

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Your work-life balance will be severely affected, dear Virgo. During the full moon, you’ll find yourself being pulled into different directions and it will make it harder for you to give adequate attention and time to your personal relationships. The bright side is that this is the perfect time to figure out boundaries and set clear rules that separate your personal and professional lives.


Brace yourself, Pisces, because you’re headed straight towards the eye of the family drama storm and never-ending conflict. The full moon places you smack in the middle of ongoing disputes and in the unenviable position of taking sides. Needless to say, this will negatively impact motivation and productivity levels at work and cause unrest within you. A change of scenery that allows you to take a breather might be just what the doctor ordered!