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Can This Easy Viral Hack Make White Bread Healthy?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

There have been many viral food hacks that have changed our lives for the better. Remember the hack that claimed adding a pinch of salt to coffee can make it taste less bitter? Or the Dua Lipa-favourite olive oil and vanilla ice cream combo? Now there’s another viral hack doing the rounds of the Internet that holds the potential of changing everything we know about food. Or white bread, to be precise (and way less dramatic).

As versatile and delicious as it is, white bread is usually on the ‘Must Avoid’ lists of all nutritionists and physicians as the additives in it can cause blood sugar spikes. However, a hack popularised by U.K based doctor and content creator Dr. Karan Raj can make it healthier to eat.

In a now-viral video, Dr. Raj claims that you can change white bread’s makeup by freezing, defrosting, and then toasting a slice.

“If you take a slice of white bread and toast it, you end up lowering the Glycemic Index (GI) of the bread. This means it’s broken down more slowly, causing a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels,” says Dr. Raj,

Glycemic Index, in case you didn’t know, is used to determine how much a food can affect your blood sugar levels.

His claim is backed by a study published in the National Library of Medicine which says that the process can significantly lower blood glucose IAUC levels. This can lower the risk of diabetes and even contribute to weight loss.

“This all happens because more retrograded starch is formed, and retrograded starch is a type of resistant starch which is beneficial for your gut health because it acts more like a fiber,” says Dr. Raj.

The hack works for other starch-heavy products like rice and pasta too. A New York Times article from last year revealed that letting cooked pasta or rice cool in the refrigerator overnight can transform natural starches into resistant starches.

While Dr. Raj’s hack was met with cheers from people online,e specially from those suffering from diabetes who felt they have a way to eat white bread now, it is still advisable to consult your physician or nutritionist before adding anything to your prescribed diet.