Ananya Panday drinking coffee© Ananya Panday

This Indian Brew Places 2nd On The World’s Best Coffees List

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Coffee enthusiasts, there’s big reason to celebrate! Indian filter coffee has earned a prestigious spot in the list of ‘Top 38 Coffees In the World’.

The ranking, released by TasteAtlas, places the sweet and delicious brew at the second spot, preceded by Cuban Espresso which earned the top spot on the list.

TasteAtlas is a popular food and travel guide that collected the top coffee favourites of their audience from the 3,701 entries, and collated these into a definitive ranking of ‘Top 38 Coffees in the World’.

The global favourite list was headed by Cuban Espresso, a sweetened espresso drink prepared using dark roast coffee and sugar (traditionally with natural brown sugar). The second place was earned by Indian filter coffee which is a popular brew from South India.

As for filter coffee, it’s prepared using a special mechanism, which consists of two chambers, an upper one with a perforated bottom which is used to hold the ground coffee and the bottom one holds the hot water poured over brewing coffee as it slowly drips. The coffee is brewed slowly, often overnight with chicory and served by adding sugar and warm milk, resulting in a rich and powerful beverage that’s beloved across the world.

Indian filter coffee was followed by two Greek coffee drinks, including Espresso Freddo and Freddo Capuccino. Spain’s Cafe Bombon was placed fifth on the ranking.

This is not the first Indian achievement in the global food and beverage scene to make us proud this week. If you recall, two Indian pizzerias also made their way to the list of 50 Top Pizzas in the Asia-Pacific region recently.

All we can say is that it’s a great time to be a foodie in India!