Most Googled Recipes Of 2023© Unsplash

This Was The Most Googled Recipe Of 2023 In India

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

As we inch towards the end of 2023, many of us are looking back at the year that has passed. Thanks to Google and its annual ‘Year In Search’ revelations, we can now look at the search histories around the world too! If you recall, 2022 surprised us all by becoming the year when the popular Indian dish Paneer Pasanda topped the list of Most Googled Recipes that year. The dish was not only the most searched in India, but also the entire world.

In 2023, people in India took to the popular search engine to look for one recipe in particular. This one is a staple in most households across the country and every house has its unique recipe. It was the humble, yet delicious, mango pickle.

Yes! Your grandmom’s achaar made it to the top of the Most Googled Recipes Of 2023 In India list.

It was, bizarrely, followed by ‘Sex On The Beach’, a fruity cocktail that apparently a lot of Indians wanted to know how to make this year. The top 10 list is mostly made up of festival favourite recipes, like Dhaniya Panjiri, Karanji, Thiruvathirai Kali, Ugadi Pachadi and Rava Ladoo. Korean kitchen staple Hakusai also made it to the list and landed on the fourth spot. Interestingly enough, it’s also a pickle!

Internationally, the viral Grimace Shake from McDonalds’s topped the list, followed by some recipes that took TikTok by storm this year, like Brazillian Lemonade, Chicken Cobbler, Lasagna Soup and Pumptini.