Samant Chauhan LFW 2023 Showcase© Samant Chauhan

Samant Chauhan’s LFW 2023 Showcase Is A Tribute To His Roots

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Designer Samant Chauhan has always been drawn to his hometown of Bhagalpur, a small city in Bihar, for his artistic vision. His upcoming showcase at Lakmé Fashion Week is also a tribute to the age-old artistry from his hometown, with Bhagalpur silk being featured heavily across the collection.

Sneak Peek at Samant Chauhan's 'Ice Watch'©Samant Chauhan

“Hailing from Bhagalpur, a city renowned for its rich silk-weaving tradition, my designs are a homage to the profound influence of my roots on my vision as a designer. In this collection, I have adorned my creations with a selection of silk varieties, including Organza Silk, Cotton Silk, and the iconic Bhagalpuri Silk,” said the designer as we managed to catch up with him during the run up to LFW, “The use of Bhagalpuri Silk is not merely a design choice; it is a tribute to the age-old artistry of my hometown. Each piece featuring Bhagalpuri Silk carries the legacy of this craftsmanship, with its distinctive textures and subtle sheen.”

It also helps that the handwoven textile lends the right amount of sophistication and exact sheen to represent ice, his main theme for the show.

Sneak Peek at Samant Chauhan's 'Ice Watch'©Samant Chauhan

The collection, titled ‘Ice Watch’ has been inspired by glaciers and snow, more specifically the “the paradoxical majesty and vulnerability of the glaciers”.

These natural elements have been a source of fascination for Chauhan ever since he was a kid and have ultimately evolved to become inspiration for his collection. “I’ve found myself irresistibly drawn to the pristine beauty and captivating allure of snow and ice. The way they shimmer and transform the world around them has become a deeply ingrained part of my artistic soul. It is as if these frozen landscapes hold secrets and stories waiting to be told. ‘Ice Watch’ is the tangible outcome of this lifelong preoccupation. In this collection,”

The designer hopes that the collection allows people to share the fascination that has driven his creative journey for years. The fact that he was able to incorporate Bhagalpur silk and craftsmanship to this deeply personal collection was just the icing on the cake. “Bhagalpur silk not only informs my vision as a designer but also infuses ‘Ice Watch’ with a sense of heritage and artistry that’s deeply meaningful to me.”

Sneak Peek at Samant Chauhan's 'Ice Watch'©Samant Chauhan

The designer also optimistically hopes that this furthers the conversation about sustainability and concious consumption. To him, it’s all a matter of paying attention to where your clothes are coming from. “Start by learning about the rich tapestry of Indian crafts and the communities behind them. Understand the history, techniques, and the cultural significance of these crafts. Seek out and support artisans and craftspeople. Look for brands and designers who collaborate with these artisans, ensuring fair wages and sustainable practices. Shift your mindset from fast fashion to quality and longevity.”

Designer Samant Chauhan’s ‘Ice Watch’ will open the Atelier at Lakmé Fashion Week 2023.