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In Conversation With Luxury Fashion Consultant Diya Mehta Jatia

 Diya Mehta Jatia wears many chic hats: wife, mother, fashion consultant, stylist and global jet-setter. Soft-spoken with an endearing personality, the charming Mumbai-bred, UK-based fashionista is no stranger to the world of luxury. Her love of fashion began at an early age, further cemented by an innate sense of style that’s seemingly inimitable.

The youngest daughter of Mona and Russell Mehta (a prominent jeweller in Mumbai) and sister to Shloka Ambani, Diya pursued Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Communication. After marrying at 24, she and businessman husband Ayush Jatia moved to the UK. As she shoots exclusively for HELLO! from her home in London, we get a rare glimpse of life at the top with Diya.

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Hello!: How did you begin your journey as a fashion consultant?

Diya Mehta Jatia: Fashion always drew me in, even though I dabbled in other artistic fields. My interest led me to styling internships and visual merchandising, followed by on-shoot fashion consulting. My journey felt guided toward this direction quite naturally.

H!: What does a typical day in your life look like?

DMJ: I normally start my day at 6am, enjoy some coffee, then engage in physical activities like tennis, gym or dance. After spending some quality time with the kids, I drop them off at school and head to my favourite café to finish my work. Then comes managing housework or organising activities for the rest of the day. Once the kids are back from school, our evenings typically involve outings at the playground, followed by dinner at home, relaxation and perhaps some meditation or reading.

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H!: Can you elaborate on your personal style? What are your go-to brands and how do you use fashion to express yourself ?

DMJ: My style is minimalistic but edgy. I’m drawn to unique colours, cuts and designs. I love to mix and match, and generally do not preplan my outfits. I honestly don’t stick to specific brands and enjoy discovering new ones that resonate with me. (smiles) 

H!: You’re a great supporter of Indian fashion and have recently begun collaborating with Indian designers to promote and highlight traditional weaves and textures, like you did with the Patan Patola... How did that come to fruition?

DMJ: The collaboration happened quite organically. The Patola fabric has been a family favourite as my mom has a collection of traditional weaves. A Patola ghagra caught my eye, and I paired it creatively with a corset blouse to make it more fun and young! This fusion led to a capsule collection to appeal to a younger audience.

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H!: Why do you think it’s important for Indians to champion and patronise local talent?

DMJ: I have always believed India has unlimited talent and untouched, or rather, ‘unfound’ richness. Its textiles, heritage and culture deserve recognition. Our fashion scene is booming, and showcasing our identity is crucial. I remember meeting (Domenico) Dolce who said, “If we don’t bring who we are to what we’re doing, we will never stand out”… and ever since, I’ve been determined to bring our heritage to the forefront.

H!: Indian fashion is finally having its moment on the international stage — what are your thoughts on the subject? And what does it represent?

DMJ: Indian embroidery and vibrant fabrics have a global appeal. We sometimes overlook the beauty within our culture, but it’s exciting to see international recognition and appreciation.

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H!: You’re no stranger to coveted fashion weeks — how do you prep your looks for such events? Do you have a glam squad to get it all together?

DMJ: I choose outfits based on my mood… I honestly have to be feeling the outfit I’m going to wear, so I can’t really ‘prep’. While I have a hair and makeup team, I often change the entire look an hour before the event, styling outfits I like at that very moment. I actually find inspiration in pressure and embrace the last-minute chaos!

H!: You styled your sister, Shloka Ambani, for the inauguration of the NMACC recently — how did you stay true to both your styles while delivering stunning red carpet looks?

DMJ: Styling my sister for NMACC was a collaboration of our distinct styles. Given that she was pregnant, my top priority was her comfort… but at the same time, our aim was to create unique looks for each day. We balanced comfort with edgy elements, making use of my mother’s vintage pieces to overcome some last-minute hurdles. The styling process overall was stressful because all the planning happened on Zoom calls, but we managed to pull it all together! I tried to keep the clothes true to my sister and played around with the accessories to make each look stand out. However, what made this all worth it was that she was confident, comfortable and happy!

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H!: Who are your style icons?

DMJ: My ultimate style icon has to be my mother, Mona.

H!: Three must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe and the most prized possession in yours currently?

DMJ: This is tough! Hmm, I’ll have to say four! (laughs). Your go-to denims (mine are the Brigitte jeans from Paige), a white shirt (top or tank) your everyday sneakers or ballet flats and an oversized blazer. My most prized possession is my engagement ring… it’s versatile, special and easy to wear!

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H!: How did you meet your husband, Ayush, and how long have you been married? What do you love and respect about each other?

DMJ: I met Ayush during college in London, and after two years of friendship, we started dating. We’ve been married for six years and he’s my closest friend which I feel is the most important thing in a marriage. I truly believe that our shared milestones have only strengthened our love and respect for each other.

H!: You have two beautiful little children together – how has motherhood changed you?

DMJ: Motherhood influenced my perspective profoundly. To have two young children entirely dependent on you, and look at you like you’re their whole world, is a great feeling; but also, it’s a huge responsibility. It has definitely influenced my decision making. I strive to be a supportive and trustworthy friend while instilling values like humility and integrity in them. If I’m able to be even half the parent that my parents were to me, I’m probably doing something right.

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H!: How do you unwind with your family? What activities do you do together?

DMJ: After school hours are dedicated to family. We bake, go for picnics or have afternoon tea treats. We go to parks and play some games because I want them to be active. Picking the kids up from school is my most cherished time with them because they tell me about their day. The four of us always spend our time together eating dinner, reading and saying our prayers. Being present during their day-to-day experiences and nurturing them is extremely important to me.

H!: Are you a foodie? Do you cook — and what are your favourite restaurants?

DMJ: As a foodie, I enjoy cooking and have some family favourite recipes. There are some dishes that Ayush eats only if I have cooked them (laughs). I love reinventing and experimenting with food. My favourite restaurants include Si Nonna’s (Mumbai), Hunan and The Barbary (London), Chesa (Hong Kong) and Nobu.

H!: Some of your favourite travel destinations?

DMJ: love South Africa and East Africa for their wildlife and outdoor adventures. The blend of tranquility, excitement and comfort makes them perfect holiday spots. I mean, how amazing is it to walk out of your room and catch a hyena chilling!

H!: What projects are you currently working on or are most excited about?

DMJ: I’m working on exciting ventures in both fashion and mental health, and I can’t wait to share more about them soon!

Photos: Abhinav Bhandari; Hair: Simon Blay; Makeup: Nariman Pouranpir

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s September 2023 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!