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Madhuri Dixit Nene On New Avenues, Success And What’s Next

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Shraddha Chowdhury

HELLO!: There’s no one more deserving of the ‘Timeless Icon’ title. What has it taken you to reach this stature? 

MADHURI DIXIT NENE: “The journey has been full of fond memories I treasure the most, even in hardship. I’ve put in a lot of effort, and I give all the credit to my family and the people I’ve worked with. I’d also like to thank my fans for showering me with so much love.”

 H!: You’re one of the few actors who have constantly reinvented themselves. How important is it for artists to keep up with the times? 

MDN: “As an artist, if you don’t keep on updating your skills, you’ll become obsolete. Times are changing rapidly, and if you don’t adapt to these trends, it’ll become difficult to stay relevant. With the growth of technology, people have access to world cinema and a lot more choices. If you’re not on par with them, you’re bound to lose your audience, which makes it even more important to make sure you’re in tune with what viewers are expecting.”

H!: You also made a seamless shift from the big screen to OTT... 

MDN: “OTT has changed the way people consume content. They now have a choice to watch whatever they want, whenever they want. The audience has matured and is open to watching new content, which has even ushered in a great era for women in cinema. People now look for relatable characters. Larger-than-life cinema will continue to be popular, but even these kinds of stories can be told and will do well. Working on OTT shows has allowed me to experiment with different kinds of characters. Brilliant actors, who were earlier struggling to find their place in the industry, are now getting to showcase their talent because OTT has space for everyday people and relatable characters.”

 H!: You recently turned producer with your husband. How do you manage so many roles? 

MDN: “That’s been a completely different experience altogether. We want to back interesting stories and family content. My job as an actor is quite easy. Once I’m done with my performance in front of the camera, I’m done for the day. But as a producer, it’s much more challenging as I work every day till the film is completed. It’s challenging to manage so many roles, but it’s also a fun, new experience that I’m enjoying.”

 H!: How do your two teenage sons react to your work? 

MDN: “My fame has never touched them, and they are very nonchalant about it. They enjoy watching the work I’ve done. Sometimes, they tell me how something could have been done differently. I pay heed to their input as they know what the youngsters like today.”

H!: How would you define success? 

MDN: “For me, success isn’t defined by the outcome but by the effort and dedication you have put in to complete a task. Things may take time to materialise. Nonetheless, continue to do the good work consistently.”

 H!: Any projects you’re looking forward to? 

MDN: “There are some exciting projects lined up, but I won’t be able to reveal much about them. We also have our second Marathi film, Panchak, slated for release soon.”

H!: What’s the secret to your long, happy marriage? 

MDN: “Our marriage has been a lovely journey. We always had that partnership where we looked after each other and made sure the kids were always taken care of and felt loved and cared for. There are times when it’s difficult, we know that whatever we do in life is for the good and something we both want.”