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Deepika Padukone Could Be A Bond Girl & Here’s Proof

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We’re calling it! When we saw Deepika Padukone in one gorgeous swimsuit after the next just owning her sexiness in ‘Besharam Rang’ from Pathaan, we saw a Bond Girl. The wet hair look, the legs longer than days, the piercing eyes, Padukone could give Bond Girls a run for their money and then some.

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Now, before you come to the conclusion that we’re being anti-feminist (after all, the sexist perception of Bond Girls is a question that has been raised by many), allow us to elucidate. Sure, Padukone fits the visual mould, but she also makes for a discerning casting choice. Eva Green as the Bond Girl in Casino Royale shows us that there is room for a serious narrative surrounding Bond Girls in the franchise. And we may have been inspired by the song, but Padukone’s role in Pathaan makes for a convincing argument that she could be a perfect fit. This is just us starting a petition to make that happen.

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Starring as Rubina Rubai Mohsin, an ex ISI agent, Padukone’s role in Pathaan is pivotal to the plot (don’t worry, we don’t give out any spoilers here). And even though she stirred up the Internet with her dancing chops, her character in the movie emulates the perfect Bond Girl—sexy, smart, unpredictable, and a strong voice that challenges the hero (SRK in this case).

Not to mention, Padukone’s ability to master action sequences is all the proof we need to start a full-blown campaign to cast her as the next Bond Girl. But, while we rally the troops for that, watch the movie and it’ll be all the convincing you need. Daniel Craig, are you reading this?