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The Cast Of K-Drama ‘Little Women’ Talk About Their Characters And More

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Puja Talwar

Three sisters caught in a perilous web of embezzlement, political intrigue and orchestrated bloody mishaps. The K-dramaLittle Women ended its 12-episode run on a high note, taking the viewers on a nail-biting and emotional rollercoaster with several twists and turns.

The show is a loose adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s eponymous novel which is a childhood favourite for many. However, the world of the March sisters in 19th-century New England is very different from the ones inhabited by the Oh siblings in 21st-century South Korea.

Director Kim Hee-won (Vincenzo, Soundtrack) and writer Chung Seo-kyung (The Handmaiden) give a dark spin to the book, complete with cliffhangers and sinister plots.

This Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hu starrer also stands out for presenting inspiring, feisty women who embrace their flaws and imperfections with confidence.

Nam Ji-hyun (Suspicious Partner, 100 Days My Prince) plays the idealistic, defiant and determined news reporter In-kyung who is investigating the biggest monetary scandal while trying to safeguard her sisters‘ safety and battling her own alcohol addiction. Nam Ji-hyun’s In-Kyung, inspired by Alcott’s Jo March, is the underdog one ends up rooting for.

Taking to HELLO! India, Nam Ji-hyun admits playing the impulsive In-kyung, though challenging, was ultimately enriching. “It’s not easy to meet a character who is rational and passionate at the same time,” says the actor.

When asked about her most favourite and difficult moment from the drama, Nam Ji-hyun confesses that most of the scenes were difficult. “Surprisingly, there aren’t many scenes in Little Women in which all three sisters appear together. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed filming the scene of In-hye’s birthday party so much. The most difficult scenes were with great-aunt Hye-sook. I was worried because we had a complicated relationship as well as long scenes and dialogues,” she responds with a smile.

Park Ji-hu (All Of Us Are Dead, House Of Hummingbird) is In-hye, the youngest of the Oh siblings. She is a sensitive artist yet a headstrong teen who yearns to be independent of her sisters and their obsessive care. The actor confesses she had difficulty wrapping her head around how In-hye could be mean towards her doting sisters but was happy to follow the lead of such an experienced star cast.

“It was special to work with director Kim Hee-won and writer Chung Seo-kyung. I enjoyed reading her long, difficult dialogues, but at the same time but what worried me was how would I act them out since I came out feeling confident and happy after each scene.”

Nam Ji-hyun, who transitioned from child star to leading lady has garnered praise for her raw performance as In-Kyung. She reveals that it has taken her a long to become the actor that she is today. “It is important to understand the reasons behind my character’s actions. It is easy to act out a character when her background and motives are carefully constructed,” she says.

Produced by Studio Dragon, Little Women’s finale was one of the most viewed episodes in TV history, setting a personal record for the show.

As K-dramas continue to dominate global viewing charts gaining popularity worldwide. Nam Ji-hyun discloses it’s been a learning curve for everyone in the industry.

“We hope that people from all over the world enjoy our dramas. As more people watch our dramas, we could tell more stories. We, as actors, hope to try new roles. Although we are still in the process of experimenting and learning, I believe we are moving forward,” says the actor.

As we wrap the interview, Nam Ji-hyun reveals that, even though, she has no dream role but she finds horror a difficult genre to watch and is a fan of animated films.

Little Women is currently streaming on Netflix.