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Here’s Why You Should Try The ‘Airbrush Brows’ Trend

Brow trends have been a rollercoaster ride through the decades, shaping not just pop culture but the lives of women everywhere. From the super thin brows of the ‘90s rocked by superstars like Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie to today’s viral fluffy or soap brows and their endless iterations, we’ve definitely come a long way. But, before we begin, let’s spare a thought for the millennial and Gen X gals who fell victim to over-plucking in the ’90s — we feel your pain!

Thankfully, with the advent of new beauty technologies and advanced brow-filling methods, thick and full brows are within everyone’s reach. After the rise of eyebrow tinting, microblading and many similar techniques, a fresh contender has entered the brow game — airbrush brows. Let’s find out what this beauty trend is all about.

How Airbrush Brows Work

Imagine being able to achieve flawless brows with just a delicate mist of tint, meticulously sprayed onto your brows with the precision of an artist wielding a brush. That’s the magic of airbrush brows — a fusion of technology and artistry that delivers flawless results. Unlike traditional methods, which rely on manual application, airbrushing offers a level of control and consistency that ensures every stroke delivers a natural-looking result.

The airbrush brow procedure typically begins with a thorough cleansing of the brow area to remove any debris or make-up residue. Next, the artist examines the client’s facial features to determine the most suitable brow shape, often using a mapping technique to outline the desired shape. This process involves collaboration between the client and the artist, considering preferences in thickness, colour and saturation while ensuring harmony with the rest of the face.

Once the desired brow shape is determined, the artist secures brow tape to outline the shape, readying the area for the application of the tint. The tint is then mixed and sprayed onto the brows, starting from the tail and moving towards the front. Multiple layers of tint may be applied to achieve the desired saturation and colour intensity.

After the tinting process is complete, any excess tint outside the brow area is carefully wiped away. To finish the service, the artist trims any uneven hair, removes stray hairs with wax if necessary, and defines the brows using concealer for a polished and clean appearance.

Who Is This For?

Airbrush brows are for everyone, not just the beauty elite! Whether you’re a seasoned brow enthusiast or simply looking to up your beauty game, airbrushing is here to cater to your needs. Worried about sparse brows or oily skin? Don’t be! Airbrush brows promise stunning results for everyone, regardless of your brow situation.

Airbrush brows cater to individuals aiming for full, voluminous brows with rich colour depth and sharp definition, regardless of your brow density. However, it’s crucial to note that the airbrush technique involves using more product and demands precision, thus emphasising the importance of seeking an artist with proper training and expertise.

Aftercare And Beyond

Like any masterpiece, airbrushed brows require proper care and maintenance to ensure they stand the test of time. From gentle cleansing to regular conditioning, nurturing your brows post-treatment is essential for prolonging their allure. Embrace the aftercare rituals with diligence and you’ll have your airbrushed brows looking fresh for weeks!

The Benefits

The accuracy of the airbrush technique guarantees uniformly coloured and precisely defined eyebrows, featuring sharp lines and subtle gradients. Beyond its ability to create a natural and seamless look, airbrushing permits layering, enabling you to achieve the perfect colour, shape and depth according to your preferences.

Airbrushed eyebrows offer a temporary solution, lasting up to 10 days on the skin and six weeks on the brow hairs. While this time frame is shorter compared to more permanent methods like microblading, which can last between one to three years, the appeal lies in the flexibility it provides for those who enjoy changing their appearance frequently.

Furthermore, the convenience factor of airbrush brow services cannot be overstated. The airbrush technique streamlines the application process, ensuring even coverage and reducing the overall service time. Typically, the entire procedure can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes, making it suitable for busy schedules. However, the duration may vary depending on additional services required, such as hair removal or detailed brow shaping to achieve the desired look.