Mira Kapoor in Bhutan© Mira Kapoor

Mira Kapoor Has The Ultimate DIY Remedy For Dry Skin

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Mira Kapoor trusts one simple kitchen ingredient to get supple and hydrated skin. And if you’re someone who has managed to extinguish your life savings on moisturisers and hydrating agents to combat winter dryness this season, you need to take note of this hack.

Lucky for you, the 29-year-old is a champion of natural beauty and DIY remedies and she doesn’t believe in gatekeeping these easy hacks from the thousands of skincare enthusiasts who follow her on Instagram.

Recently, Kapoor shared how her New Year vacation in Bhutan had left her skin dry and rough.

“Cold country, central heating and overall dryness of the season has made my skin pretty dry…(sic),” she shared on her Instagram Stories. The unofficial influencer then went on to reveal her DIY remedy. “Nothing works better than raw milk a couple of times over. Just add some rosewater to mask the smell.”

Kapoor hailed raw milk as one of the best solutions for dry skin and her claim has merit. Raw milk, when applied topically, seals in moisture and promotes suppleness, thanks to the natural fats and proteins present in it.


The lactic acid present in the milk also acts as a natural and gentle exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells and promotes a healthy glow that’s much needed during dull winter days. The kitchen staple is also rich in nutrients like vitamins A, D and E, which further adds to its skincare benefits.

How To Apply Mira Kapoor’s DIY Remedy?

Mira Kapoor Raw Milk DIY Hack On Instagram Story©Mira Kapoor

Mira Kapoor suggests a simple swipe of raw milk can do the trick. Soak a cotton pad in some raw milk and swipe it over the dry areas. A thin layer diligently massaged on to clean skin can do the trick in an instant. As Kapoor suggested, add in a bit of rosewater if you cannot stand the smell of raw milk.

Will you be trying this hack?