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The Ultimate Skincare Guide For The Festive Season

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Hasina Khatib

With the season of lights around the corner, it isn’t time to just overhaul your wardrobe—your skin could use some TLC as well before the merriment begins. All those late nights are bound to take a toll on your skin but if you are looking to retain your glow for those festive selfies, here is what the experts want you to know about levelling up your skincare game this season.

The Skincare Concerns To Watch Out For This Festive Season

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The first step in pivoting your skincare regimen for the upcoming festive season is to factor in the climatic concerns that you need to prep your skin for. Noted dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty says, “For those residing in Bombay or in the coastal areas down south, the weather is still hot and humid but in the hilly regions or the northern parts of the country, it is the beginning of the winter season, signalling concerns like dryness, itchiness and so on. Besides the weather, our lifestyle and eating patterns—consumption of fried food, sweets, and alcohol—during the festivities can trigger problems like acne and dehydration.”

The first order of business, then, becomes ensuring that you have a healthy canvas. “You can apply make-up to camouflage certain concerns but if the skin is unhealthy, it will be evident. The key to avoiding this is to wear sunscreen, staying hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily and limiting the intake of fried and sugary food as it can cause puffiness. No matter how tired you are during the festival, do not go to bed without taking off your make-up. It also helps to extend the same diligence for haircare by ensuring that your scalp is clean with hair washes at regular intervals,” advises Dr Shetty.

The Ideal Skincare Routine For The Festive Season

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While individual skincare routines need to be customised according to your skin type and concerts, here’s what experts want you to keep in mind for the glowing skin of your dreams:

  • The most powerful weapon in your arsenal for the festive season is to establish a proper skincare regime for the AM and PM and scheduling time slots to follow it diligently. This consists of a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum and broad-spectrum SPF as per your skin type.
  • It is also important to know what works for your skin and to stick to tried-and-tested products instead of experimenting with new formulations during this time.
  • In addition to increased use of make-up, celebrations also result in greater exposure to pollution, foreign contaminants and environmental aggressors. Your routine needs to include overnight repairing masks and targeted serums for showing your skin some extra love.
  • Given the toll that seasonal aggressors take on our skin, the right active ingredients can help you stay one step ahead of last-minute skincare concerns with a water-soluble alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) such as glycolic acid. As a light and small molecule, it penetrates well into the skin for solving clogged pores. You can introduce it to your routine through cleansing foams, day creams and serums, like the L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Serum.
  • For undoing the damage done by excessive make-up, alcohol and sweets, ensure that you counter the dehydration by consuming adequate amounts of water and applying moisturiser at regular intervals.
  • After having binged on foods high in sugar and salt, it is important to detoxify with an aftercare diet. Swap snacks loaded with calories and carbohydrates with healthier alternatives like roasted makhana, pita bread with hummus and so on.

And there you have it; the perfect checklist to help you breeze through the upcoming festivities with an envy-inducing glow. You can thank us later.