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The Top Women-Led Indie Beauty Brands To Look Out For In 2024

As we approach the ever-anticipated Women’s Day 2024, it’s time to spotlight the true queens of the beauty realm: women-led indie beauty brands. It’s time to make space for innovation, inclusivity and a whole lot of girl power! Gone are the days when we relied solely on mainstream pharma giants for our beauty fixes. Today, the Indian beauty scene i

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Tanisha & Aalia Mohan On All Things Business & Style

The enterprising mother and daughter, Tanisha and Aalia Mohan, are all set to put their best foot forward for the festive season — both as influencers in society and as hard-working businesswomen. HELLO! learns a few tips and tricks from the fashionable duo, as we pick their brains on all things style. An enterprising mother-daughter duo, Tanisha a

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Gunjal Jindal Poddar On How You Can Live More Consciously

Switching to an earth-friendly and sustainable lifestyle is not just a trend anymore. It is the need of the hour and slowly, both brands and people are steering towards making this shift. So, if you’re also someone who is considering adapting to a more planet-friendly life, but doesn’t really know where to begin, there’s an exclusive festival title