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This Is The Mistake You’re Making With Your Scented Candle

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? The right one can transform your space easily and can help you destress too. But have you ever found yourself befuddled over why your new candle is not smelling as nice as it did when you first got it?

Turns out, people make a very common mistake while lighting the candle and, thus, are not able to get the most out of it, says Seva India founder Arushi Agrawal.

We caught up with the CEO and founder of the Mumbai-based luxury brand at the launch of their limited-edition candles created in collaboration with artist Suryakant Lokhande.

The luxury decor brand and the world-renowned artist have come together to create one-of-a-kind candles that can double as sculptures too. “The whole idea was that you know to create something that is not just a candle, it’s more of an art piece, it’s a collector’s item. You know so that once the candle is over one can actually place it around the house in the sculpture and use it for years to come,” said Agrawal.

Limited-edition candles from Seva India X Suryakant Lokhande©Seva India

But what’s the point of getting a scented candle that also looks beautiful if it doesn’t smell right? According to Agrawal, it’s all in the way you use it.

“Once you light the candle always make sure that your candle forms a full pool before you snuff it out.” If you don’t do this, your candle will start tunnelling, added Agrawal.

Tunnelled candle©Unsplash

Tunnelling is when the wick burns a tunnel down the middle of the candle, leaving a thick ring of unmelted wax around the outside edge. This is especially important to keep in mind as once the candle has started to tunnel, it will continue to do so every time you light it. “The first burn is crucial,” said Agrawal.

So the next time you light a candle, remember to let the entire surface of the candle melt before blowing it out!