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HELLO! 100 Most Influential: Varun & Jinal Mehta

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Ananya Shankar

Why they matter: As one set of power-packed brothers gives way to another, the Torrent Group has grown used to dynamic duos. Under this next-gen stewardship, the multinational conglomerate is all powered up for a new, more innovative journey.

With the walls of their home adorned with family portraits, the succession story of the Mehta clan is one for the books. Ahmedabad-based brothers, Sudhir and Samir Mehta, transformed their father’s humble pharma business into a giant conglomerate, which today deals in pharmaceuticals, power, renewables and gas, with a staggering revenue of Rs 23,500 crore. And the next-gen taking over are soaring even higher.

Following in their footsteps are Sudhir’s sons, Jinal and Varun. The elder one, Jinal, took over as the Managing Director of the power business, but it wasn’t simply handed to him. Over two decades ago, Jinal had started as a trainee in the commercial department of Torrent Power’s generation business and worked his way up.

A Whole-Time Director with 11 years of experience, he has an incredibly impressive portfolio — the successful projects he boasts propelled the company’s generation capacity to 6400 MW. The 39-year-old entrepreneur also successfully pilots the group’s gas distribution business.

Jinal’s younger brother, Varun was recently inducted to the board as a Whole-Time Director of Torrent Power. With his innovative vision and relentless vigour, he heads the distribution licence area, transmission, as well as their cable businesses. Varun was also instrumental in leading their game-changing import of LNG directly from international markets, making Torrent a trailblazer in the Indian power industry.

Samir Mehta’s son, Aman, was also inducted to the board recently, with plans of his second son, Shaan, joining the band of brothers in the future. The Torrent Group has truly found model successors in the junior Mehtas, who are set to scale higher peaks and secure their family’s enduring legacy.

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