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All We Know About R Balki’s ‘Ghoomer’ & Its International Premiere

Indian filmmaker R Balki is all set to sweep audiences off their feet at the 2023 Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) with his latest directorial venture, Ghoomer. Starring Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher, the film tells the inspiring story of a paraplegic sports person who excels as a cricketer under the guidance of her coach.

With an engaging narrative co-written by Balki, Rahul Sengupta, and Rishi Virmani, Ghoomer promises to be a celebration of resilience, innovation, and the power of sport. Opening the 14th edition of IFFM on August 12, the film aims to uplift spirits and leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Triumph Over Adversity

Ghoomer revolves around the journey of a paraplegic sportsperson, portrayed by Saiyami Kher, who defies all odds to become an accomplished cricketer. The film showcases her remarkable transformation from a determined individual facing extreme challenges to an inspiration for others. The story beautifully illustrates the triumph of the human spirit and the ability to turn adversity into advantage.

A Stellar Cast

Led by Abhishek Bachchan, known for his versatile performances, and Saiyami Kher, whose passion for cricket shines through her portrayal, the sports drama boasts a talented cast. Esteemed actress Shabana Azmi, Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, and Ivanka Das also contribute their skills to the film, lending depth and authenticity to the characters they portray. The performances promise to be the highlight of the movie, adding emotional resonance to the inspiring narrative.

The Visionary Director

R Balki, acclaimed for his previous works such as Cheeni Kum (2007), Paa (2009) and English Vinglish (2012), skillfully helms this film. Known for his unique storytelling approach and ability to tackle social issues, Balki brings his signature touch to the story. Collaborating with co-writers Rahul Sengupta and Rishi Virmani, he weaves a compelling tale that aims to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

An Opening Like No Other

The IFFM, renowned for its celebration of Indian cinema, will kick off its 14th edition with the premiere of Ghoomer. Opening the festival on August 12, the film sets the stage for ten days of cinematic brilliance and cultural exchange. As a fitting tribute to the spirit of sportsmanship, the movie launches in Australia, the land of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and its sporting legacy.

The film’s creators, Balki and Bachchan, expressed their gratitude for the honour, acknowledging the resonance between Ghoomer and the festival’s values.

“It’s indeed an honour and pleasure for us that Ghoomer will be the opening film at the IFFM. It is a story of turning adversity into advantage. A story of innovation when faced with extermination.

Ghoomer is a tribute to sport and the reservoir of human resilience. It’s only fitting for a film that believes that ‘sport makes life worth living’ to be launched in the sport capital of the world, Australia, land of the MCG. Welcome to the first preview of Ghoomer,” the makers said.

Fulfilling Dreams On and Off the Field

For Saiyami Kher, a cricket enthusiast, Ghoomer fulfils a long-cherished dream of portraying a sportswoman on screen. Her passion for the game adds authenticity to her character, and she considers the film to be much more than a mere sports story.

“This is a film very close to my heart. Playing a sport on screen was always my dream, I have been manifesting it since I started acting. I’m so glad it’s finally come true. For me this film is much beyond the sport.

“It’s a story of triumph in extreme adversity. It has been the most physically and emotionally demanding film I have done. Feels extra special that people will be watching Ghoomer at IFFM for the first time. Couldn’t have asked for anything better coming to the land of the great Shane Warne to showcase our film,” she said.

With its inspiring storyline, stellar cast, and the renowned director’s creative vision, the film promises to leave fans impressed, and we can’t wait to experience it for ourselves!