Luxury cabin at World’s Deepest Hotel© Go Below Underground Adventures

What’s It Like To Stay At The World’s Deepest Hotel?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If, lately, your adventures have only revolved around navigating gridlocked traffic jams while it rains, then this one is for you. UK-based company Go Below Underground Adventures is giving you a chance to spend a night at the world’s deepest hotel.

Known for building the world’s deepest zipline and free fall, the company acquired a discontinued slate mine and quarry in North of Wales and built Deep Sleep, a hotel, or a “remote-camp adventure experience” as the website states, 1,375 vertical feet below the Snowdonia mountains.

Everything to know about the deepest hotel in the world

Deep Sleep Hotel©Go Below Underground Adventures

According to Go Below’s guide and operations manager Mike Morris, the hotel exists because of two important reasons. “Firstly it was due to popular demand, really,” he said, in an interview with BBC, “Lots of the customers we took on our adventurous trips kept saying to us: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to sleep down here’. And we thought - yeah - why not. Secondly, our owner Miles (Frank) wants to create firsts - like the world’s first underground freefall, the longest and deepest underground zip ride. It was another opportunity for him to show his creative side and create this space.”

Twin bed cabins at Deep Sleep©Go Below Underground Adventures

The hotel has four private twin-bed cabins and one ‘luxury slate chamber’ with a double bed. Children above the age of 14 can accompany adults to this incredible space. It opens up only once a week, from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

What can you eat at the world’s deepest hotel?

While you can expect well-earned bragging rights if you manage to spend a night at the world’s deepest hotel, it will serve you well to manage your expectations when it comes to the food.

Dining at Deep Sleep©Go Below Underground Adventures

Since the underground hotel requires a steep trek down the slate mine and has been billed as an adventure camp rather than a five-star hotel experience, the food is also serviceable, with freeze-dried expedition-style meals. There are meat, vegetarian, and vegan options available. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s no alcohol available at the 1,357 ft deep hotel.

How does one reach the world’s deepest hotel?

While the underground stay might be sufficiently luxurious, the trek down to it is anything but! If you somehow manage to secure a booking at the record-setting hotel, then you’d have to make your way to the Tanygrisiau Base, near Blaenau Ffestiniog, a town in Wales. Your challenging journey to the hotel will begin at 5 PM with a 45-minute journey up to the mountain. Once you reach the opening of the quarry, you’ll be greeted by your team leader who will kit you up with a helmet, a light, a harness, and Wellington boots. Then you’ll begin the steep trek down to the hotel which at least takes an hour to complete.

Luxury cabin at Deep Sleep©Go Below Underground Adventures

How much does an overnight stay at the deepest hotel cost?

All good things come at a cost and this is why a stay at the world’s deepest hotel is not exactly cheap. A night, for one, in a regular cabin can set you back £350 (INR 37,000 approx), while the luxury cabin will cost you upwards of £550 (INR 58,000 approx).

Would you stay at the world’s deepest hotel?