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What’s It Like Living Inside The World’s Tallest Building?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Whether it’s the breathtaking views it offers or the fact that it holds the record for being the tallest building on Earth, the towering Burj Khalifa has become an unofficial 8th Wonder of the World.

Speaking of the records the building holds, Guinness World Records recently shared what it’s like to live inside the grand structure that holds a special place in the organisation’s Hall of Fame.

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Aside from holding the record for being the tallest building in the world at 2,716 feet and 6 inches, the building holds multiple other records, including having the most floors in a building with its 163 floors and having the highest outdoor observation deck in the world on its 148th floor, which is at 1,823 feet above the ground.

The building houses 900 residences, spread over Levels 19-108. These are available as studio apartments that go for around AED 2 million (INR 4.3 Crores approx) and four to five-bedroom apartments that are available for AED 100 million (INR 200 crores approx). In case you somehow manage to shell out the big bucks for an apartment, you’d have to somehow find an additional AED 500,000 (INR 1 crore approx) every year to pay the service fees.

Aside from top living accommodation, residents can also avail the amenities offered by the building, including a library, grocery store, a Cigar Lounge, and four swimming pools spread across different levels. The pool located on the 76th level used to hold the record for the highest swimming pool in the world. There’s also The Club, a four-storey health and wellness facility with spa services, two gyms, and a rooftop swimming pool.

When you’re done pampering and treating yourself to these amenities, you can take in the gorgeous view from high above from the sky lobbies situated at the 43,76, and 123rd levels. You can also go to the aforementioned observation deck and take in a view that you will never get anywhere else in the world. It is said that when the tide is low and the skies are clear, you’d be able to see the shores of Iran (situated 153 km away) from the deck.

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The restaurant, At.mosphere, on the 122nd Level used to be the world’s highest restaurant in a building but was overtaken by one in China. There’s also The Lounge on the 154th Level which hosts the world’s highest bar/lounge in a building.

What if you’re a visitor and not a resident of the building? Fret not, the Burj Khalifa has got something for you too. Levels 1-8 host the Armani Hotel, which has 160 rooms and offers the guests full compliments of amenities in addition to those offered anywhere else in the Burj Khalifa, including its own pool, a library, gym, 24/7 room services, and a concierge.

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Levels 9-16 have 144 suites, known as the Armani Residences, which are one to two-bedroom apartments that have been personally designed by Giorgio Armani.

Now you don’t have to worry about flitting between all these exciting Levels because you can just hop in the building’s elevator which, unsurprisingly, holds the record for being the tallest elevator in a building and can climb 1,654 feet in a single ascent.

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