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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Affected By The Full Moon On April 23

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you thought April was done creating cosmic chaos with its lunar movements, then think again! A full moon is rising in the sign of Scorpio and this one marks the onset of powerful changes and big revelations.

The full moon, or Pink Moon as it’s called, can prove to be cathartic for some and allow others to shed what’s not working for them and move ahead with a clearer sense of purpose.

Full moons, by nature, can symbolise turning points and are associated with closure and healing. It’s a great time to make fresh starts and embrace a forward-looking mindset.

While the lunar event will affect all zodiac signs in different ways, four signs will feel its impact the most. Take a look…

Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected By The Full Moon On April 23 And How?

April's Pink Moon©Unsplash


The full moon casts a spotlight on your relationships, Aries. The time period will make you strongly think about the next steps, especially if you’re already in a strong relationship. The energy signals new beginnings and that could prove to be hopeful for people who are looking to get into serious relationships soon.


Expect a lot of passion and spice, Cancer. April’s Pink Moon can symbolise a significant turning point in the way you connect with those around you and open you up to new possibilities. This cosmic phenomena also asks to not let minor setbacks throw you off course, instead it encouraging you to pursue your goal even more relentlessly.

April's Pink Moon©Unsplash


Since the full moon is rising in your sign, it’s safe to say that you will experience its energy in the purest form. This period would mark the beginning of emotional healing and even though it would be uncomfortable for a while, it will ultimately prove to be the right decision. The full moon will also send you on a path to self-discovery and evolution.


Are you ready to let go of the old to welcome the new? The full moon encourages you to embrace transformation and discover new opportunities that could ask you to go back to square one but prove to be beneficial for your future. Prepare to feel liberated and enjoy the fruits of your labour.