April 20 Intense Astrological Day© Pexels

Why April 20 Might Be The Most Astrologically Intense Day Of 2024

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

April is shaping up to be an astrologically intense month, with one big astronomical event after the other. If the eclipse season and Mercury being in retrograde wasn’t enough, Jupiter and Uranus have decided to join the party by coming together in the sign of Taurus this weekend.

April 20th will witness a rare Jupiter and Uranus conjunction for the first time in Taurus since 1941, which, as any History buff can verify, wasn’t a super great year for humans and the planet in general. The astronomic event promises to make the day one of the most intense ones of the astrological calendar of 2024.

For those not in the know, conjunction is when the path of two planets veer close to each other, their energies interacting with each other in the same zodiac sign. The conjunction du jour is happening between Jupiter and Uranus.

Astrologically, Jupiter is supposed to be the planet of luck and abundance and Uranus is the planet of shock and surprises. This, combined with the fact that the planets are meeting in Taurus, means that the conjunction will cause a powerful merge of energies with long-lasting and widespread impacts.

Needless to say, there are going to be some big (and probably volatile) changes all across the board. You can expect breakthroughs and intense, emotional upheaval during this time that could cause a change in the trajectory of your life in a major way.

The best way to navigate this daunting phase is by allowing yourself to take it one thing at a time and being open to new challenges.