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What Your Birth Number Says About Your Fortune in March 2022

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Sanjay B. Jumaani

How to calculate your number:

Begin with your date of birth. Reduce the date to a single digit, if you’re born on a double-digit date, by adding the digits involved. For example: If you’re born on the 12th of a month, your number is 1 + 2 = 3.


This month is governed by Pisces (until March 20), and the sign is represented by No. 3 (Jupiter). No. 1 (Sun) and No. 3 (Jupiter) are quite a friendly match. Both stand for light, life, knowledge, generosity and wisdom. And thus, you could make up for some missed opportunities. In fact, financially, this could be a new chapter for you. You are likely to bounce back with a rejuvenated spirit. Socially, too, you could stand a chance at grabbing the limelight. But remember, too much materialism can destroy the actual pleasures of life. Don’t let your work life intrude into your personal space. Stay busy, but just adequately enough to not stretch the rubber. Draw a line between overworking and inactivity. Also take extra care of your back.


No. 2s (Moon) are under the influence of the interchangeable No. 7 of Neptune. Cancerians, too, are ruled by No. 2 (and No. 7). So No. 2s & No. 7s share a similar planetary influence. Even qualities between the two are alike. No.2 is known for inspiration, intuition, psychic knowledge, illusion and confusion. The moon rules spirituality and is more on the mental or subtle plane. No. 3 (Jupiter), which rules this Pisces-governed month, can lend drive and enthusiasm, help showcase ambition and bring out pent-up desire. This can even curb your restlessness and push you to be productive. A lot of you could fulfill your lust for travel. Expenses may multiply, so counter this by finding newer ways to increase income.


No. 3s are generally good with accounting and bookkeeping by virtue of their practicality and calculative nature. It, hence, seems likely that you’d have a more financially secure month in this Pisces (No. 3) period. You’re mostly on guard, so your preparedness against the worst characterises your true personality. It’s, therefore, fair to say that any obstacles will be comfortably dealt with. No. 3 (Jupiter) is your primary number as well as one of your luckiest. Hence, this month is the most opportune time to place a tag on an unidentified relationship or to mend a difficult one. No. 3 shall give you a platform to showcase your work and eventually help you tower over others. So pull up your socks. You could also venture into something you’ve desired for a while, or notice substantial growth in your current profession.


A so-so month for you, but don’t lose your 7 spirit yet! After all, your USP is your go-getting attitude, which will help you sail through tough situations. You can, however, expect a steady growth in your work life, as this month is governed by No. 3 (Jupiter, the planet of progress, wisdom, and knowledge). There could also be a spike in expenses; spend less and save more, so you can spend more when the time beckons. Save wisely from extra income that you may accrue. Remember, the immediate profit and loss doesn’t always imply downfall, especially if your eyes are set on the long-term goal. Newer ideas and opportunities could keep you on your toes. This would also be the time to look into undone assignments and start culminating them with renewed interest.


No. 5 (Buddh) and No. 3 (Guru) are both planets of knowledge and wisdom. Since you’re a No. 5 in this Pisces-governed month, you are likely to do well holistically! You can, thus, score big in your work domain; expect recognition for what you deserved but were deprived of earlier. While you are at it, there could arise a need to invest a sizable amount of time in matters of relationships and marriage. Financially, you will have the acumen to spend more wisely, implying that there could be more savings. No.3 could bestow you with practicality and discipline; try to incorporate them to do even better this month. Your glorious days shall remain at peak till March 20, as post that, the Aries (No. 9) period, which is not from your best 9 numbers, will begin. There is a likelihood of being the cynosure of many eyes.


It wouldn’t take a mathematician to guess that 2022 (No. 6) is your year! Moreover, this month, which is governed by Pisces, will also be an auspicious one for you as Pisces is represented by No. 3 (Jupiter), one of your compatible numbers from the 3-6-9 family. No surprises that March shall see your zeal and labour take fruit. Make the most of every opportunity, be it at work or while reconciling a relationship. Financially, you are likely to stay on higher ground, but don’t let your pockets loose just yet — No. 6s are generally known for overspending and overindulging. So focus more on savings, and earnings shall follow. Those inching towards a new home, starting new ventures, or even looking for a change of job could take giant leaps. Investors may have a field year with their long-term goals.  


It’s a relatively decent match between your primary No. 7 and this Pisces-governed No. 3 month. All that is not good is not necessarily bad either. You may be used to getting served on a platter, but get going, before the going gets tough. Don’t let your laid-back nature stunt your professional growth. Even though your imagination has no bounds, remember that stomachs can’t be fed on thoughts alone. This month shall gift you a sense of practicality to offset your fantasy-fueled nature. No. 3 (Jupiter) shall bless you with a more disciplined lifestyle, as a result of which you’ll find your finances incline. You could put those bonus earnings into better use by investing in long-term avenues.


A fortunate time shall hopefully kick in for you! From now until March 20, you’ll be steady and on track. But watch out for the days thereafter, as your not-so-favourable Aries (No. 9) period will begin. Until then, juice your lucky first half of March to its full potential. No. 3 is one of your luckiest numbers. To your advantage, this month is governed by Pisces (No.3, Jupiter). In fact, even No. 6 is lucky for No. 8s, and you all know what 2022 totals to! Singles could get hitched. Be it work or your personal life, you’re set to smack the ball out of the park with your renewed vigour! Unfinished projects could see the light of the day and even help you maintain financial stability with some extra earnings. Patience and hard work are key to making ambitions come true.



As you may know, 3-6-9 are best-suited to each other. This month (till March 20) is governed by Pisces, represented by No.3 (Jupiter), your favourable number. The period thereafter is Aries-governed, represented by your No. 9, that too in your lucky year 2022 (No. 6)! A very constructive month seems to be building for you, so channelise your energy towards all that comes at you. You may even find a conclusion to your unending tasks. Sour relationships could get more refined, provided you keep your ego and straight-forwardness at bay. Your financial health could improve, but keep a check on unnecessary expenses. Be mindful of misbehaviour with loved ones; time never returns, while guilt always haunts.

Disclaimer: while these properties are generic, all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you. your zodiacal qualities may supersede some of your primary number’s attributes, too.

This has been adapted for the web from a story originally published in the March 2022 issue of HELLO! India. Get our copy of the latest issue right here!