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This Is What The Stars Have In Store For You This March

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

March Madness. This is what this month indicates, there’s a certain urgency it creates—a sense of madness. This month is the starting point of humanity creating a ‘New World Order’.

As fatalistic as it sounds, this is the start of a new journey. So wipe the past clean and gear up for a new journey!


Dear Ram, the elemental energy of this month gives you the ability to see things clearly and make decisions concretely in your professional sphere. You’re coming into your power, trust your instinct and listen to your inner voice. Pay attention to world markets and invest wisely. Look at contracts closely before signing them. Relationships in the home ground give you some ease but you will have to take control of all important decisions. Let the Universe guide you to reach your highest potential.

Use this crystal to attract positivity: Red Jasper
It gives you the motivation and energy you need to get the job done. For optimal use keep it on your desk.


Darling child, you have the strength and the capacity to move mountains. This month will push you to take on more in your personal relationships. Creating healthy boundaries is the way to go. Cool your stomach, the universe is wanting you to take a little extra care of your health. Business professionals, it’s important for you to be tactful in dealing with subordinates. There is an air of misinterpretation swirling around you. Be alert! Mothers, you will need to spend some constructive time with your daughters.

Use this crystal to attract positivity: Smokey Quartz
It takes care of overall wellbeing and helps release unwanted emotional baggage. For optimal use keep it near your bedside.


Darling Twin, make this month about yourself, it’s time you put your feet up, make some margaritas, and watch some Netflix. The world is going to go a bit loony around you. Impracticalities at work will irritate you, so don’t indulge in being a perfectionist. Business professionals expect delays in payments. Try tweaking the way you feel about your work. It’s not time for you to involve yourself in the craziness. Look at taking a small holiday, exploring the world around you, and choosing to learn something new. Let the universe teach you something new.

Use this crystal to attract stillness: Quartz
It gives you the opportunity to calm your nerves and relax. For optimal use wear it on your left wrist.


Dear Moonchild, you enter a month of action and emotional changes. Relationships within partnerships will change for the better. If you don’t take a breather from the hectic work, a sea of emotions may overwhelm you. Look at your social circle clearly and decide who you want around you. It’s a great month to turn your creative ideas into a concrete business. For business professionals, look deep at your financial resources, invest wisely, and try not to overspend. Moonchild, remember your relationship with your mother is your strongest asset. Respect it!

Use this crystal to attract stability: Malachite
It gives you the opportunity to attract a loving relationship. For optimal use place it in your bathroom.


Mr and Mrs Lioness, it’s a month to trust your instincts and go for the kill professionally. Pay attention to your financial goals since it’s a strong period to invest in financial markets. Partners, take some time off from silly squabbles and take a romantic holiday. Singles, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. Opportunities to take spontaneous travels shall occur, don’t overthink them. Leo fathers pay attention to your young cubs, setting the right boundaries is especially important.

Use this crystal to attract healthy relationships: Selenite
It gives you the opportunity to attract good health and emotional security. For optimal use place them on your bedside.


Dear Virgo, you’ve been dealing with unpleasant delays for a while. The frequency of March kick starts your work—it gives you the mobility you didn’t have earlier. Connections with people shall lead to exploring new markets. Pay attention to your finances, or you’ll be out of pocket. Spontaneous work travel will make you some extra money. Virgos speak to your mothers; they miss you and want your attention. Singles will meet multiple individuals to mingle. Partners its time to take a weekend off and sit by the pool to vegetate.

Use this crystal to attract more business: Pyrite (fool’s gold)
It gives you the opportunity to attract financial success. For optimal use keep it on your work table.


Dearest Scales, being diplomatic serves you well in all your relationships this month. This month entails you getting confused in the matter of finances. Keep a tab on your expenditure. Look at March as a month of building a foundation, not finalities. The in-laws shall irritate you and your mother gets preachy, it’s time you create some healthy boundaries in these relationships. Singles pay attention to your work and build strong bridges with peers.

Use this crystal to release anxiety: Citrine
It calms your solar plexus and helps build resources. For optimal use place it in your bedroom.


Your charming disposition can change someone’s world forever so let go of this grumpiness, it doesn’t suit you at all. Acknowledge that you feel misunderstood in relationships, you may also create clear boundaries with your in-laws and in your home front. Romantic as you are, take some time off that helps you to create new waves of intimacy in your personal space, since the mundane bores you to death. This month helps you identify who your friends are and who are your enemies. Your work dominates the frequency of this month, use your charm Scorpio and the world will be a better place.

Use this crystal to attract attention: Green Aventurine
It helps create wealth, winning games in work, and creates windfalls of random success.


Dearest Archer, you’ve never been afraid to use your bow and arrow for the good of mankind. This month asks you to use it for yourself—look within for answers in places and spaces you’ve not dared to venture earlier. This is not a month to forgive people, it’s a month to just look at them for who and what they are. Explore the worlds around you and inside you. Don’t let ‘good child syndrome’ deter you from finding your path. Singles don’t be in a hurry to create a relationship, and doubles explore each others’ sensitivity and sexuality. This is not a month to waste on petty fights and useless chatter.

Use this crystal to attract focus: Peridot
It gives you the opportunity to attract abundance. For optimal use keep it in your kitchen.


Dearest Capricorn, sitting deep within your tough exterior resides a mischievous troublemaker. You’re going to play this part in your romantic relationships this month. Saturn gives you structure, and the Moon makes you emotional. The innovator in you will create new ideas and strategies in your professional space. Your professional goals come into action in the latter part of the month. Spending will increase as impulsive shopping will happen. Parents start playing an actual sport with your children, iPads and PlayStations won’t cut it.

Use this crystal to attract harmony: Malachite
It gives you the opportunity to attract a loving relationship. For optimal use keep it in your shower.


Dearest Aquarius, karma and drama go hand in hand and the frequency of this month is dramatic. You’re going to deal with illusionary life-shattering situations in your inner crew. Don’t let another’s emotional complexities overwhelm you. It’s the right time to pay attention to your creative notes and turn them into profitable ventures. Aquarian mothers pay attention to your husband this month because he needs you more than your children. A weekend getaway with children, parents, and dogs is a must. Singles stay away from gossip because it’ll come back and bite you in the butt.

Use this crystal to release negative ju-ju: Malachite
This crystal is a strong protector. For optimal use place it in your purse.


Darling Fish, an inexhaustible determination motivates you this month and March is all about conquering your professional and personal goals. Be careful to not become self-centred and unreasonably demanding. Singles, its time to give your loved ones some extra TLC. Business professionals, your social circle brings you affluence and gifts. Keeping your feet on the ground will maximize your chances of achieving financial goals this month.

Use this Crystal to attract abundance: Amazonite

It gives you the opportunity to attract financial abundance.