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What Your Birth Number Says About Your Fortune In February 2022

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Sanjay B. Jumaani

How to calculate your number:

Begin with your date of birth. Reduce the date to a single digit, if you’re born on a double-digit date, by adding the digits involved. For example: If you’re born on the 12th of a month, your number is 1 + 2 = 3.


This month could be like the previous in terms of work, health, and love. February is governed by Aquarius, which is also ruled by Saturn, the lord of trials and judgements. No.1 is a favourable number, unless it comes under the influence of Saturn. In fact, No.1s, No.8s and Saturn share a love-hate relationship. So a mediocre month is on the cards. Composure can help you attain relief. The arrival of this month could slacken your pace, but your knack of taking on the toughest of situations will get you through it. Like your ruler, the Sun, you won’t fret. Don’t be dissuaded by recurring obstacles; they’re only stepping stones to the way forward. Keep burning the midnight oil, and you’ll see the light of a ‘Sun’ny day!


Seems like a perishable month for you, No.2 (governed by the Moon). Since No.8 (Saturn) is the ruler of the ongoing Aquarius period, you’re not in the best alignment with the current time. But it certainly isn’t the worst either. Numerologically, No.2s and No.8s don’t share a great bond in dire circumstances. But to what extent? Only time shall tell. Hard work and luck go together, so don’t compromise on the former. You may have had your share of dejections in January; don’t repeat the same mistakes as both months are ruled by No.8 (Saturn). A comparatively better time begins post February 18, but you must wait longer for even better days. Bear in mind: this year will generally be a good one for you, as 2022 (No.6; governed by Venus) is from one of your compatible numbers.


It’s your time to have a field day—and an even better year. There’s numero-logic to this: February is governed by No.8 (Saturn), and you, No.3, share the perfect equation with No.8. Additionally, 2022 adds to 6, one of your luckiest numbers. No.3 (Jupiter; Guru) is like a teacher, and No.8 is like a principal. In fact, No.3s are known to be lucky for No.8s, and vice versa. Both No.3s and No.8s are great financial managers. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this month shall favour you in making more and investing right. Your love life shall begin to blossom this month. Isn’t it the best possible way to kick-start an exciting 2022?


This month could be like the last, as both January and February are governed by No.8 (Saturn). In a nutshell, No.4s and No.8s are highly compatible, but it’s subsequently not a lasting bond. You may have a decent month in store for you, but with a few hiccups here and there. You could be strongly misconstrued this month, owing to your endless need for conflicts. That’s a result of your adamance and opinionated nature, which may not necessarily be wrong. Your belief system, morals and ethics may make you rebellious. Loved ones will appreciate a lending ear. “Learn to listen to eventually be listened to” should be your mantra this February and hereon.


February shall be marked as the beginning of a memorable 2022. No.8 (Saturn), the ruler of this month, and your primary No.5 are similar to each other. So there’s thorough compatibility between the two. This period shall act as an aid for your love, good health and work. To your advantage, February is not your only period of glory. This year is going to be one of your luckiest! So make the most of 2022, and harvest the nectar of your labour. Finances could march upwards. But refrain from short-term investments or gambling this month because No.8 (Saturn) does not favour volatility. Travel may be on the cards, as well.


It’s your year as well as month to vouch for! No.8 (a Capricorn-governed month) and No.6 are, by rule, quite compatible. In fact, No.8s can help No.6s meet their extravagant demands. Financially, it’s likely to be a satisfying month, though your expenses may be higher. At the same time, it’s not the best time to undertake commercial partnerships. February will bring you the patience needed to achieve your goals. It’ll also give you a platform to convert your hard work into ambition. However, expect it to be an emotional roller-coaster ride owing to the vulnerability of Venus, your ruler. But don’t fret yet; this year belongs to you.


Your primary number and the ruler of this month (No.8; Saturn) are consecutive numbers, but aren’t the best match. So lay low in February and fulfil your responsibilities. This period could stir things up for you, so try to maintain mental equilibrium. Also, be wary of people taking you for granted. Not everyone is as compassionate as you! Before matters go out of hand, Neptune, your ruler, will give you the required foresight in the guise of intuition to prepare you for challenges. Take special care of your health. Melancholy may take you for a ride, but your resistance will help you bounce back. Financially, you may see advancements this month.


You are not only in your most favourable month, but also in your super lucky 2022 (No.6)! Your hard work, perseverance and patience are all qualities of your ruler, Saturn. They’ll certainly bear you fruit now, so it’s time to make important decisions. It’s also why your pockets shall begin to fill up this month. A job change, new home or marriage may be in the offing. But remember, short-term investments won’t do you any good. Long-term is what you’re cut out for. Saturn, the lord of trials and judgements, does not favour speculation or quick-money schemes. Emotionally, you’ll be at your peak and less tolerant to the impositions of others.


This is not one of your favourable periods, as Aquarius (No.8; Saturn) is incompatible with No.9. However, there’ll be calm after the storm. Pisces (No.3; Jupiter) is your go-to month to pick up some laurels. This year can be majorly lucky for you as 2022 adds to 6, and 3, 6 and 9 are a family of numbers. After February 19, you’ll get opportunities to advance in your career, especially in your Aries period. Avoid letting your temper take over you in heated situations. Resist temptations to spark an argument—one moment is all it takes to bring down an empire. Focus your powers on practices like yoga and pranayam. Workouts will only benefit your Martian energy.

Disclaimer: while these properties are generic, all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you. your zodiacal qualities may supersede some of your primary number’s attributes, too.

This has been adapted for the web from a story originally published in the February 2022 issue of HELLO! India. Get our copy of the latest issue right here!