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Restaurateur Suren Joshi On 2024’s Biggest F&B Trends And More

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you’re a foodie living in Mumbai, there’s a good chance you’ve dined at an establishment that’s been a brainchild of restaurateur Suren Joshi. He combines his love for food and fitness to conceptualise ventures that have gone a long way in shaping the city’s F&B landscape.

Suren Joshi is known for popular hotspots like Joshi House (in Bandra), The Conservatory (in Juhu) and Su Casa (in Andheri and Bandra West). He added three new food destinations to his list in 2023 after opening Sukoon, a vegetarian garden dining restaurant in Bandra, Shelter by Javaphile, a community cafe in Versova and Affogato, a gelataria in Khar.

As if this wasn’t enough, Joshi even introduced a first-of-its-kind chain of sprawling boutique fitness clubs called ‘I Think Fitness’ across the city.

The self-confessed serial entrepreneur recently sat down with HELLO! for a chat about his journey, what goes on behind creating successful restaurants and so much more. Read an excerpt from our conversation right here…

In Conversation With Restaurateur Suren Joshi

HELLO!: Tell us a little bit about your journey. What inspired you to start on this path?

Suren Joshi: “My journey has been a thrilling adventure fueled by my passion for creating unique spaces and experiences. As a serial entrepreneur, I found inspiration in envisioning places that go beyond the ordinary, like the recently opened Sukoon and Shelter by Javaphile. The desire to offer something exceptional to people, coupled with a love for food, fitness and diverse interests, motivated me to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.”

H!: What have been some of your journey’s most important milestones?

SJ: “I’ve been fortunate to witness several significant milestones along the way. 2023 was all about the successful openings of Affogato, Sukoon and Shelter by Javaphile, while the others marked key achievements. Establishing ‘I Think Fitness’ has been a personal highlight. However, the recent launch of Sukoon and Shelter by Javaphile stands out, as they epitomise my vision of creating timeless and soulful spaces.”

H!: You don many hats and your list of accomplishments is almost daunting! What motivates you every day?

SJ: “My relentless pursuit of creating exceptional offerings keeps me always excited. The joy of envisioning a concept and working with my dedicated team, who have been my constant support across all ventures, to turn it into a reality is incredibly motivating. Together, we thrive on the satisfaction of delivering the best to our customers and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, indulging in my varied hobbies and the positive impact we make in people’s lives keeps me inspired every day.”

H!: Tell us a little bit about your process. What goes behind conceptualising a restaurant?

SJ: “The process begins with identifying something that I can envision as an ideal offering. Once the concept takes shape in my mind, I collaborate with my dedicated team to bring it to life. It involves meticulous planning, attention to detail in design, and a commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. I believe in making each venture a grand success by infusing it with our unique touch and ensuring it resonates with the customers.”

H!: What are some trends that you foresee getting popular in the F&B space in 2024 in India?

SJ: “2024’s gonna be all about going green in the food scene. People are getting more conscious, so expect a shout-out to local and sustainable ingredients. Personalised and health-conscious menus will continue to be a trend, aligning with the evolving preferences of the discerning Indian consumer.”

H!: What are you excited about for the future?

SJ: “I’m pumped about the endless possibilities and potential for innovation in the hospitality industry. The idea of crafting more unique spots, trying out food trends and growing the I Think Fitness gang keeps me super stoked. The future holds a canvas of opportunities and I look forward to painting it with creativity and success.”