‘Kiwami Omakase’ experience at Sushi Kirimon© Sushi Kirimon

What Does The World’s Most Expensive Sushi Taste Like?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

How far would you go for a platter of sushi? Would you fly down to Japan, and shell out a sum that equals roughly four months of rent for some meticulously prepared sushi, covered in gold? If the answer was yes, then you’re in luck because a restaurant in Osaka, Japan, is offering just that.

Sushi Kirimon in Osaka has set a new Guinness World Record for creating the world’s most expensive sushi with its ‘Kiwami Omakase’ experience. The lavish feast showcases 20 varieties of sushi dishes, with ingredients sourced not just from Japan, but from different corners of the world including China, Italy, and the North Atlantic Ocean.

According to Guinness, the platter comprises ingredients like white tilefish, beluga caviar, Pacific bluefin tuna, Sei whale tail meat, purple sea urchin, green sea urchin, steamed abalone, Japanese Tiger prawns, Conger eel, sea eel and black truffle. All this goodness is topped with a sprinkling of gold leaf to enhance the already delectable vision.

Sushi Kirimon©Sushi Kirimon

How Much Does The World’s Most Expensive Sushi Cost?

Now, to answer the questions that’s been on your mind. This sushi platter will set you back about INR 2 Lakhs per person.

Sushi Kirimon has displaced Chef Angelito Araneta Jr. as the record holder in the category. The previous record was for Chef Araneta’s sushi platter worth INR 1 Lakh which comprised five Nigiri pieces adorned with diamonds and 24K gold leaf.