#HELLO’sMostStylish: Le Train Bleu Is The Chicest Food Spot

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Vishwaveer Singh

Who would ever have thought that HELLO!’s Most Stylish Restaurant would be housed inside a train station? Perplexingly, Le Train Bleu is a two-Michelin star delight nestled inside Gare De Lyon in Paris that till date serves guests a truly authentic French fine-dining meal, perhaps moments before they choose to board their trains out of the city.


Inaugurated in 1900 for the Exposition Universelle, a world fair held in Paris, the restaurant’s beauty lies in the 41 different paintings and murals, depicting the different regions of France, that adorn its walls. Though an impressive classic interior isn’t all that’s on offer at Le Train Bleu; it also boasts a menu that puts to shame several high-end French eateries around the world.

Quintessentially Française, the cuisine marries broths, stews and local produce, while coming out with renditions of classic French fare that’s palatable to a modern-day jet-setter. Flambés and meat carvings by expert maître d’s make sure that guests experience a moment plucked right out of history, while a wine list to rival Napoleon’s own cellar impresses oenophiles looking to indulge in some vino while they enjoy their elaborate meals.

A favourite of celebrities and socialites from across the globe, Le Train Bleu has become synonymous with gastronomic tourism, often being featured on bucket lists for gourmands.

Michel Rostang, the master chef behind the restaurant’s current avatar, is a legend in his own right. Often being held on the same pedestal as Alain Ducasse or Heston Blumenthal, Rostang has managed to not only secure his much desired stars for Le Train Bleu, but also made it a sought-after destination among the world’s foodie elite.

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Though not considered exactly pricey, the average cheque per person at this establishment can take a customer back almost a hundred dollars. A sister restaurant celebrating the iconic heritage and style of Le Train Bleu was recently opened in Doha, Qatar, reinventing the space and food this joint is so famous for.

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