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Bhumi Pednekar On Making More Sustainable Style Choices In 2024

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Aside from entertaining us through her performances onscreen and giving us style inspiration from her on and off-duty looks, Bhumi Pednekar is also a voracious advocate for the environment.

Bhumi Pednekar©GettyImages

The Thank You For Coming actress has never shied away from using her platform to raise awareness for the environment. In 2022, Bhumi launched a pan-India campaign titled ‘Climate Warrior’ targetting people’s lack of empathy towards the environment and raising awareness about climate change as a looming threat to humanity. In 2023, she was named the first National Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in India.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when Bhumi Pednekar partnered with Saritoria, a platform dedicated to promoting pre-loved luxury fashion and the circular economy. The actress listed her luxury pieces from brands like Michael Kors, Coach, David Koma and more.

“In Western countries, numerous platforms provide opportunities to purchase vintage or thrifted pieces; however, in India, such platforms are relatively rare, Saritoria being on the the firsts. So when this collaboration came my way, I was more than happy,” says Bhumi Pednekar, on collaborating with the platform, “I really am a big advocate for pre-loved fashion. I, myself, have shopped from many websites like this in the past. When I was clearing my closet I realized that there are many items in my wardrobe that I currently don’t wear for various reasons. However, I believe there might be someone else who would appreciate and enjoy these pieces, and so we initiated this collaboration, with all proceeds directed towards charity.”

Bhumi Pednekar©GettyImages

Saritoria founder Shehlina Soomro couldn’t have found a better celebrity to bring onboard as a collaborator than Bhumi. “Bhumi’s values strongly align with our brand’s ethos. Her steadfast support for numerous sustainable causes, coupled with her role as the national advocate for UNDP, underscores her commitment to making a positive impact.”

The actress believes that most people think going for pre-loved fashion is not cool. “People tend to overlook the unique charm that pre-loved items bring. It’s not just a budget-friendly option; it’s a conscious choice that extends the life cycle of clothing, reduces waste, and contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. Pre-loved fashion is about embracing the stories behind each garment and appreciating the value of mindful consumption.”

According to her, this is a fun and simple way to make more mindful choices that are good for your wardrobe and the environment. “I’ve accumulated a diverse collection over the years, and now, I focus on recycling and restyling these items. I believe in the art of repurposing,” she says, “Building a capsule wardrobe with classic pieces, coupled with restyling, layering, and mixing and matching, offers endless possibilities. By ensuring that certain pieces can be re-worn and reinvented, you create a sustainable and ever-evolving wardrobe that stands the test of time.”

You can check out all the pre-loved items from Bhumi Pednekar’s closet on now and save the environment one luxury designer item at a time!