Sonam Kapoor in Zoya's My Embrace© Zoya

Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja Introduces Zoya’s New Autograph Collection

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It’s no secret that Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja has revolutionised celebrity style in India. Whether it’s draping a traditional sari in an experimental way or showing how street style is done, Sonam has always been a trailblazer. If there’s one thing that’s apparent from her sartorial choices is that she values self-expression above everything else. This is why it comes as no surprise that the Neerja actress is now the face of Zoya, House of Tata’s fine jewellery boutique, which celebrates self-expression and uniqueness. It is a true meeting of minds.

The luxury atelier now introduces its new autograph collection ‘My Embrace’. A signature identifier, its evocative symbolism celebrates the Zoya woman joyfully embracing all her hues. The collection features 26 pieces that powerfully translate the emotional essence of a self-embrace through a simple design that is youthful and timeless, yet significant in its craftsmanship.

In a freewheeling chat with Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja at the launch of Zoya’s new campaign, we learn more about this beautiful collection which is a must-have for every jewellery connoisseur’s bijoux box:

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja unveils Zoya’s new autograph collection 'My Embrace'Sonam Kapoor Ahuja unveils Zoya’s new autograph collection 'My Embrace'©Zoya

HELLO!: Have you always loved jewellery?

Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja: “Yes, I have always loved jewellery! My mother has a beautiful collection and she enjoys designing jewellery as well. It’s a love that both Rhea and I have inherited.”

H!: How did the association with Zoya come about?

SK: “Zoya and I share a fierce pride in India’s rich tradition of jewellery craftsmanship and a passion to showcase its brilliance to the world. Over the last 15 years, Zoya’s name has become synonymous with rare jewels that have exceptional crafting and resonate with meaning. It is a brand I have long admired, and I feel my role as their ambassador solidifies our friendship.”

Zoya's My Embrace Pendant©Zoya

H!: Zoya’s collection is inspired by the idea of a self-embrace. What does ‘My Embrace’ mean to you?

SK: “When I think of ‘My Embrace’, I think of hugging my son, my husband, my parents, my sister! But I think you have to love yourself first, to be able to love the people in your life properly. The design inspiration for ‘My Embrace’ comes from the lovely idea of a woman embracing all her hues and just joyfully celebrating herself.”

H!: What’s your favourite piece from the new collection?

SK: “I love this bangle I’m wearing… I think it’s a very beautiful piece with a distinctive shape. It’s a signature design from Zoya that I’m certain will become a classic. Actually, all the pieces in this collection are beautiful. They can be worn by themselves or stacked, and they will effortlessly elevate your everyday style.”

You can explore the collection right here.