Sonam Kapoor: Motherhood Has Been The Greatest Teacher

Sonam Kapoor juggles many hats — on some days, she’s an actor delivering a National Award-winning performance, on others, she’s strutting down a red carpet looking like a million bucks and sometimes, she’s seen advocating for the various causes she believes in. But, under the glamorous celebrity persona, it’s easy to forget that at the end of every day, Sonam is a working mom, hustling through her career while also raising her two-year-old son Vayu, with her husband Anand Ahuja.

Parenting is the world’s toughest and most thankless job, if you don’t agree just ask your parents. And if you’ve recently had a child and are finding it tough to keep up with the pressure, you may find solace in Sonam’s advice to new moms and how she juggles her responsibilities.

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with the actor in Delhi at an event for The Moms Co (Sonam is the ambassador of their skincare and baby range) and we spoke to her about Vayu, her biggest learnings from motherhood and her advice for all the new moms out there. Read our full chat below:

Sonam Kapoor On Motherhood And It’s Biggest Learnings

HELLO!: Vayu is now two years old! What’s life like with a toddler?

Sonam Kapoor: “Life with a toddler like Vayu is exciting! Each day is filled with boundless energy, curiosity and endless surprises. It’s a beautiful chaos that keeps us on our toes and reminds us to embrace the joy in every moment.”

H!: What is Anand and your philosophy on balancing parenting duties and work?

SK: “Anand and I believe in a collaborative approach to parenting and work. We prioritise communication, support and flexibility to ensure that both, our family life and professional endeavours, thrive. It’s about finding a harmonious balance that allows us to be present for each other and our son, while also pursuing our passions and goals.”

H!: What have been some of your biggest learnings from two years of being a mother?

SK: “One of the biggest learnings from my journey as a mother is the power of patience and unconditional love. Motherhood has taught me to trust my instincts, embrace imperfection and savour the simple joys of everyday life. It’s a journey of constant growth and discovery that has enriched my life in ways I never imagined.”

H!: What would your advice be to fellow mothers who are working tirelessly to give their children everything they want?

SK: “To fellow mothers who are tirelessly working to give their children everything they deserve, my advice is to remember to prioritise self-care. It’s easy to get caught up in the endless demands of parenting, but taking care of yourself is essential for both, you and your children. Find moments to recharge, seek support when needed and remember that you’re doing an incredible job.”

H!: What is it about The Moms Co. and their latest campaign that resonates with you so strongly?

SK: “One aspect of The Moms Co. and their latest campaign that deeply resonates with me is their recognition of the critical need for hydration, particularly among new mothers. Breastfeeding mothers, in particular, experience significant water loss, underscoring the importance of prioritising hydration in postpartum care. The Moms Co. addresses this essential need through their hydration range, offering specialised products crafted to replenish and rejuvenate the skin, ensuring mothers feel nourished and glowing throughout this transformative period. My personal favourite is The Moms Co Natural Hydrating Night Cream.”

H: What are some new skills that you have learnt in the last two years of being a mother?

SK: “Over the past two years, I’ve acquired a myriad of new skills as a mother. From mastering the art of multitasking to honing my patience and creativity, every day brings new opportunities for growth and learning. Motherhood has truly been the greatest teacher.”

H!: What are you saying HELLO! to this year?

SK: “This year, I’m saying HELLO! to embracing change, growth and new adventures. Whether it’s exploring new projects, nurturing relationships or simply finding moments of joy in everyday life, I’m excited to embrace all that the future holds.”