Sushmita Sen Launches Nebula By Titan© Nebula by Titan

Sushmita Sen Launches Nebula By Titan’s New Art Deco Collection

You don’t have to be an art history enthusiast to know the impact of the Art Deco movement on the world since it emerged in the 1920s. Marked by several key events like the women’s liberation movement and quantum leaps in technology, the era heralded a new way of life that was stylish and luxurious.

So it isn’t really a surprise that luxury watch label Nebula by Titan decided to pay homage to the era with its new collection of 18K gold watches.

Nebula Watches Collection by Titan ©Nebula by Titan

Nebula by Titan recently launched a new line of exquisite timepieces inspired by the era of exuberance, elegance and grandeur. The seven watches from the collection are embellished with precious stones and feature rich details and sleek lines that are characteristic of any timepiece by the label.

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen launched the collection in Mumbai, a city with the second-largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world, making it another fitting tribute!

“I am very happy to launch Nebula’s beautiful new Art Deco Collection, a range of refined timepieces that can be styled with versatility for special occasions or simply to elevate your everyday style. The collection is a magnificent blend of fine jewellery and classic watchmaking and embodies the essence of elegant sophistication,” said Sen, “Each watch in this collection is a work of art that resonates with my own appreciation for timeless beauty and precision.”

Sushmita Sen and Titan CEO Suparna Mitra©Nebula by Titan

The Aarya actress joined Suparna Mitra, CEO Titan Watches and Wearables Division, to launch the line atop the Intercontinental Hotel overlooking the glittering expanse of the iconic Marine Drive.

“Nebula by Titan has always been designed for the discerning aesthete who values the seamless fusion of artistic design and functional grace. We are delighted to introduce this Art Deco Collection, a range of refined timepieces with enhanced character and visual appeal that captivate both connoisseurs and first-time buyers,” said Mitra, “This launch underscores our commitment to creating an immersive experience for our buyers through a blend of excellence in design, precision technology and a cohesive narrative of inspiration.”

Nebula Watches by Titan©Nebula by Titan

Nebula by Titan’s Art Deco collection is available at Titan World, Helios Stores, select watch outlets, and select Shoppers Stop stores.

This article was written in association with Nebula By Titan.