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HELLO! 100 Most Influential: Badshah

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Tarasame Mittal

Why he matters: Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia is synonymous with viral earworms — right from his ‘DJ Waley Babu’ debut (which shot to No. 1 within 24 hours of its release!) to ‘Kala Chashma.’ But has it been all roses and no thorns? Not quite, according to his close friend and music entrepreneur, Tarsame Mittal.

As an artist, Badshah’s unwavering sincerity to his craft is incredible. He has the mindset of a champion and doesn’t succumb to momentary pleasures. In the fast-paced entertainment industry, where it’s easy to fall prey to temptations and vices, Badshah prefers to adhere to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This conscious choice reflects his resolute willpower and dedication to maintaining a focused and disciplined approach to his career. The only vice, if I may say so, would be his love for confections!

Family First

Family holds a very distinct and special position in Badshah’s life. It’s natural to overlook the inevitability of the work-life imbalance when you’re constantly on the road or in the studio, but Badshah makes it a point to make his family a top priority. He shares an extremely close bond with his parents and siblings and makes an unswerving effort to spend quality time with them consistently. In fact, he’s often attributed his success to his family, who he considers the anchor to his artistry and a source of unconditional support.

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A Product Of Sheer Hard Work

While Badshah today sits at the top of the pyramid in the music-scape of India, his domination didn’t come from any form of privilege. A misconception some have is that he was served his success on a silver platter. Badshah witnessed his fair share of setbacks, but he learnt to redirect his energy towards positive manifestations and abundant living. He can look defeat in the eye and unflinchingly create a more optimistic outcome for himself.

A Relatable Rapper

Fans form an integral part of Badshah’s public life. He believes that most artists gain relevance because of fan patronage. A healthy and authentic relationship with them always takes precedence “He understands the pulse of the masses and addresses their hopes and dreams through his lyrics.

This relatability earned him a loyal fan base” for him. Whether it’s his live performances, or his meet-and-greet sessions, it’s the sheer joy of showing his real side to his community that truly drives him. Besides his earworms, much of Badshah’s success can be attributed to his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level.

He understands the pulse of the masses, addressing their hopes, dreams and aspirations through his lyrics. It’s this relatability that earned him a dedicated fan base, which resonates with his music. He’s not just an entertainer but also a voice for his generation.

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Grounded And Gaining Ground

Despite his popularity, Badshah is modest to a fault and stays true to his roots. He doesn’t shy away from adapting to newer techniques; he skips meals and sleeps over studio time and is always being the apprentice rather than the know-it-all.

His quest for perfection keeps him relevant in an ever-evolving industry. Off camera, he’s a man driven by passion, resilience and integrity. Most loved for his razor-sharp focus and attention to detail, he’s always the first one in the room to be asking all the right questions, rehearsing his act way before sound check and leaving absolutely no room for error!

RRR: The Badshah Kind

Known for his introverted nature and always steering clear of controversies, Badshah finds solace in solitude, using those quiet moments to reflect, recharge and refocus for his art. It’s during his alone time that he’s able to thoroughly experiment with his creativity, which has helped him deliver some of the most iconic songs of our times.

All in all, Badshah isn’t just a brand name but a legacy that will live on forever. He has overcome obstacles, worked tirelessly and stayed true to his art, which has catapulted him to incredible heights. He’s a multihyphenate, who leaves no stone unturned in his quest for excellence, and stands for the values he believes in. Badshah’s idiosyncrasies and dedication to his craft have endeared him to millions. And his journey is a testament to the power of determination and the ability to transcend boundaries through music…

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