Sonam Kapoor’s Son Luxury Stroller© Instagram, Nuna

Sonam Kapoor’s Son Has A New Expensive Luxury Stroller Now

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you’ve been waiting at the edge of your seats with bated breaths to know what new luxury item Sonam Kapoor’s son has added to his enviable collection of luxury items, we have an update for you. Baby Vayu is roaming the beautiful streets of London in a new stroller that costs more than most people’s two month salary combined.

If you’d recall, Kapoor was spotted carting around her son across Notting Hill in a Dior stroller just a few months ago. But according to recent photos shared by her sister Rhea Kapoor from their London trip, we can see that Vayu has switched teams from Dior to Dutch brand Nuna for his travel needs.

Sonam Kapoor in London©Sonam Kapoor

In the photo, the Neerja actress can be seen holding Vayu while her husband Anand Ahuja stands next to the two of them, cradling the baby’s head.

The stroller in question is next to the adorable family and we can see it’s not the Dior one, as established before, and is in fact a Nuna pushchair. Our expert sleuthing has led us to believe that it could be a Mixx Next- Caviar model, retailing for about INR 82,999. The luxury baby care brand has other strollers that go up to INR 1 lakh too.

Mixx Next- Caviar from Nuna©Nuna

Vayu’s stroller is not your garden variety baby pram. It comes equipped with an all-season seat which promises to keep the baby warm in winter, cool and comfortable during summer and protected from the elements during other weather conditions. It’s also designed in a way that’s easier for parents to carry around in their travels which is perfect for a jet-setting celebrity.

Now that you’re all caught up on baby Vayu’s latest luxury splurge, it’s time to get back to responding to your emails and excel sheets.