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The Cast Of ‘Jack Ryan’ On Saying Goodbye To The Show & More

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Puja Talwar

It’s the end of an era. Jack Ryan, CIA’s suave Deputy Director, is up for his last and deadliest mission in the final chapter of the show’s fourth season. Actor John Krasinski returns for the final time to play the titular character in the adaptation of Tom Clancy’s famous Jack Ryan series.

Though the iconic character has been played by several actors, including Harrison Ford, Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck in the many adaptations over the years, it was Krasinski who became synonymous with him. In an exclusive chat with HELLO!, the actor admits it’s hard to say goodbye to a character who has been an integral part of his life.

“The whole experience, to be really honest, has been surreal. As a kid, Jack Ryan was my favourite character in the books and the movies, and the fact that I got to play him for five minutes let alone five years is amazing,” he says.

The actor admits that the reality of it being over only struck him when they called “Wrap!” on his character. “It was overwhelming not only because it was over but also because I got the visual of a large number of people coming out to say goodbye,” says Krasinski.

Narcos star Micheal Peña, who plays Domingo Chavez in the final season, is the new entrant into Jack Ryan’s world as he investigates internal corruption as well as the convergence of a drug cartel and a terrorist organisation. Peña’s character is a key player in Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise.

The actor gave us a little insight into Jack Ryan’s last fight to the finish. “It is very plot-driven and the characters are very well defined in their own way. It was a blast and as I was reading the first couple of scripts they were page-turners. I texted John (Krasinski) and told him it was way better than what he had pitched. There was a lot of excitement at my end to be part of this because at the end of the day as an actor you want to be part of a good story and TV show.”

Louis Ozawa, who was last seen opposite Al Pacino in Hunters, comes in as the ruthless drug lord Chao, who is a devoted family man. “I think he is dangerous because that’s the only way he has learnt to survive and his safe pivot is his family, whom he cherishes. He can go to any lengths for them.”

Peña, however, reveals that despite the show being tense and terrifying, the atmosphere onset was anything but. “There was a lot of joking around. I tend to learn my lines months in advance. But the rest were so professional, joking around, and taking breaks. It helped keep the balance.”

Reportedly, there’s, in all likelihood, going to be a spin-off, with Peña’s Domingo Chavez headlining the Rainbow Six universe.

“I have no idea, we will have to wait and see what the fans want and what Amazon wants, would they want to party along with it, who knows,” shares the actor. Well, we can’t wait to watch either!

The final season of Jack Ryan is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.