Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly© GettyImages

Megan Fox’s Cryptic Instagram Post Hints At Split With MGK

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you’ve been on the Internet for the past couple of years, there’s no way you could have missed Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s very public relationship. You wouldn’t have been to escape the extensive PDA and unprovoked sharing of relationship details like how they liked to drink each other’s blood and the fact that MGK designed Fox’s engagement ring in a way that it would be painful to remove.

But, if Fox’s recent Instagram activity is to be believed, the two might have split up.

The Jennifer’s Body actress posted a series of photos on her Instagram, presumably from Drake’s Super Bowl party where the now-broken-up couple made their last public appearance. At the end of the carousel was a clip of a bonfire burning a letter and, what looked like, clothes.

Megan Fox©Megan Fox

Fox captioned the post with a lyric from ‘Pray You Catch Me’, the opening track from Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Now if you recall, the iconic album was Beyoncé’s way of processing Jay Z’s infidelity.

What further fuelled the break-up speculations was the fact that Fox unfollowed MGK on Instagram and deleted most of their pictures together. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that in the photos, Fox was standing in front of a domestic violence awareness poster.

This led fans to remember that Fox had claimed she was attending a pre-Grammys party with a broken wrist and a concussion without clarifying how she sustained those injuries.

The couple met in 2020 and announced their engagement on January 2022. While no confirmation or denial has come forth from either of the celebrity’s side, all the clues point towards their break-up.