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Cardi B Is All Set To Release The Greatest Collab Of The Year

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Cardi B fans, listen up! Friday is almost here and that means we only have to wait three more days for Cardi B’s latest song. While the ‘WAP’ rapper has been busy creating some of the best-collaborated tracks we have ever seen, her upcoming single, ‘Hot Sh*t’ is said to be a part of her second full-length album, which the rapper will be releasing later this year. And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, we hear that Lil Durk and Kanye West will also be a part of ‘Hot Sh*t’.

In a recent interview, Cardi B also shared that her upcoming album will feature two chart-topping hit singles from 2021, ‘WAP’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion and ‘Up’.

While that rapper does not seem to be in a rush to release the album, Cardi B did share what’s been going on, “I feel like at this point, it’s like a timeline that I created. Because last year I was like: ‘I gotta put out my album this year,’ but then I just stopped working on my album out of nowhere because I feel like the whole Covid thing discouraged me to put out my album. Because I want to put out an album, and I want to tour.”

Recently during the BET 2022 awards, in true Cardi B fashion, the singer made her presence felt even though she wasn’t there. Guests got a glimpse of her upcoming single during the commercial and, needless to say, social media just couldn’t handle it.

So, are you ready for Friday?