Janhvi Kapoor Looks Fabulous In Her Trendy Butterfly Haircut

Janhvi Kapoor has established herself as a Gen-Z style icon time and again. And true to her sartorial sensibilities, the actor has become one of the early adopters of the butterfly haircut trend in Bollywood.

In case the viral reels haven’t shown up on your feed yet, the butterfly haircut first gained immense popularity on TikTok before making its way towards other social media platforms, as per usual. The butterfly haircut can best described as bouncy layers and curtain bags framing the face, with the volume reminiscent of the ‘90s bombshell. This haircut is basically the next sophisticated step on the shags, mullets and wolf cuts that have been all the rage this year.

While Hollywood celebrities ranging from Hailee Steinfeld to Jennifer Lopez have embraced this trend, Jahnvi Kapoor decided to take it for a spin as she holidayed in Europe. The actor’s off duty attire, comprising a lot of summer florals and denims and minimal make-up, was complemented beautifully by the butterfly haircut.

Janhvi Kapoor butterfly haircut©Instagram
Janhvi Kapoor butterfly haircut©Instagram

What’s more, the Roohi actor seems to love experimenting with this butterfly haircut. Not only do we see her in a glamorous blow dried look, she also seems to have worked in a shag in one of the images she has shared. Another time, the actor looks stunning with her hair tied up, as the curtain bags perfectly frame her face.

Janhvi Kapoor butterfly haircut©Instagram

This trendy haircut is well on its way towards becoming one of the hottest styles of 2023. And don’t just take our word for it, the statistics stand for themselves. Over the last year, there has been a 90233% increase in interest with 6,600 hits each month. And well, given how pretty this chop looks on every one, it’s not surprising if you too are inspired to take on the trend.

Chances are, your hairstylist is probably already familiar with this cut. However, if you really need to break it down, the butterfly haircut features fluttered chin-length layers that frame your face and add volume to your crown, paired with wavy longer layers underneath. It usually also consists of a slightly grown-out curtain bang. Together, these layers should give the illusion of the top and bottom wings of a butterfly. Strategically placed highlights can also help elevate this cut.

Now that you’ve got your references down, it’s time to book that salon appointment and give your mane a glamorous upgrade!