The Ananta Udaipur Is An Oasis Of Luxury And Tradition

When a Rajasthani textile businessman named Mukund Goyal bought a 90-acre land deep amid the Aravalli Hills of Udaipur in 2008, he faced a lot of criticism for being the first one to buy such a property in a city known for its lakes. However, sixteen years later, the property stands surrounded by hotels owned by the biggest names in the hospitality industry. Since then, the Ananta Group has added 10 more hotels and resorts across the country to their name, with plans for more.

“The vision for Ananta has always been to establish an Indian hospitality brand with international standards across the country. Despite the criticism, he stuck to his vision and successfully created this massive property with 260 keys,” says Ashutosh Goyal, the 27-year-old Director of the Ananta Group of Hotels and the family’s third-generation hotelier.

The Ananta Udaipur Makes Destination Weddings Easy And Dreamy

Being the largest hotel in the city, the massive property grounds and its location are what make The Ananta Udaipur stand out as the perfect venue for your dream destination wedding. One of the biggest challenges faced by brides and grooms planning a destination wedding is finding a hotel that can comfortably accommodate all your guests. With over 243 meticulously designed villas, Jungle Luxury Cottages and the exclusive Ananta Villa, this hotel presents itself as the ultimate solution to the guestlist problem.

Moreover, its sprawling grounds give you access to over 16 different locations, where you can have all your pre-wedding photoshoots and functions. In addition to three banquets and two lawns, their Nilgiri banquet hall with a large lawn, an attached amphitheatre, a chaat bazaar and a veranda spread across 47,500 square feet sets the perfect stage for lavish weddings and elegant corporate functions. “In today’s world, anyone doing a wedding doesn’t get the bandwidth with most of the properties in the country. We have a designated venue for each of your special occasions so every guest gets a taste of a different venue while staying in the same property,” adds Ashutosh Goyal.

It’s no secret that Indian weddings can get wild, and it’s hard to cope with the stress of stringent hotel rules. However, the Ananta Udaipur boasts of its flexibility when it comes to handling large parties. “Whenever anyone decides to get married, they want flexibility, since weddings have all kinds of age groups and all kinds of activities. Ananta has always been in sync with the mindset of the bride and the groom, and we offer the flexibility to make it a fairytale experience. You can get the facility of partying till sunrise at Zenith, avail late night spa services, access an exclusive pathway for the Baarat or an amphitheatre which can seat 200 people, along with culinary experts that can curate specialized menus,” Ashutosh explains.

The Ananta Udaipur houses three restaurants, namely Jharna, Oasis and Zenith, where you can indulge in the heartiest Rajasthani thali of your life or indulge in incredibly fresh sushi. Their Pan Asian offering Zenith also functions as the most sophisticated night lounge with an open terrace that looks out to the stars. Besides that, The Ananta Udaipur has a host of recreational activities to keep your guests busy. From a luxurious spa and a pristine golf course to a two-level infinity pool as well as adventure activities like Archery, Paddle Boat and more, there is nothing you can’t do at this resort.

Presenting itself as the unique option among other hotels in Udaipur, this resort takes inspiration from Balinese culture and you can spot that across the property. It gives you the feeling of being in an international luxury destination, while you’re actually in the heart of Rajasthan! “My design inspiration was from Bali. I wanted to have a bit of Bali here in Udaipur. I wanted to make something different and unique. All the materials used here are locally sourced, yet a few of our signature elements are from Bali. We built the rooms in such a way that it’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The cottages have high roofs, and the ceiling is made of natural materials. Each cottage ensures privacy, surrounded by the beautiful Aravallis,” shares Ashutosh.

Respecting The Environment

Despite this international standard, the Ananta Udaipur family-rooted beliefs are evident in every corner of the property. It is covered in lush greenery, with over five lakh trees planted on the property. It’s been constructed without harming the natural landscape of the hill it stands on, which is why the terrain is uneven and there are three natural waterfalls for you to enjoy.

Keeping the comfort of guests in mind, a fleet of in-house cars and golf carts taxi people across the property. And to ensure no extra fuel is wasted than necessary, they have a petrol station located within the property grounds. The hotel also takes it’s environmental ideology very seriously, as they have a proper rain-water harvesting system, solar panels and specially treated 80 ETP plants as well. It’s this kind of mindful hospitality that you can expect at the Ananta Udaipur. Moreover, they also have a polyhouse that acts as a farm, which generates the produce that is used in their kitchen. They also have their very own bottling plant that employs women workers from the nearby village.

And that’s not all, Ashutosh’s very own brainchild, Lavender India, is proof of Ananta’s attention to detail. The minute to enter your room a calmness will wash over you and as you lay in bed, you notice the sweet and relaxing fragrance of lavender. It’s present in every piece of cloth you’ll use, from the linen to the towels. “Since I like to travel, I discovered that fresh laundry was something that always enhances the consumers‘ mood, therefore I decided to start Lavender India in Jaipur,” says the young hotelier. It began as the laundry for their hotels, with the idea to incarnate the highest quality of laundry without hurting the environment. “Furthermore, we’re also infusing lavender fragrance while washing the linen which promotes relaxation and calmness. So, I tell most of my clients ‘I’m selling them sleep, not laundry.’ Currently, we’re catering to 20 top-tier hotels in Jaipur.”

The Perfect Day At The Ananta Udaipur

With winter in full swing, right now is the perfect time to visit Ananta, which also makes for a great family holiday or romantic getaway. When asked Ashutosh, what would be the perfect way to spend the day at Ananta in his opinion, here’s the itinerary he listed. “Wake up with the sound of Om echoing through the property, have a fulfilling a healthy breakfast at Oasis as you are serenaded with flutes, hit the recreational centre to watch a movie in the theatre or play a game of billiards. If it’s not too cold, take a dip in one of our two pools. Then, head to the polyhouse to pick out the ingredients for your lunch at Jharna. Follow it up with a stroll around the property and retire for a restful afternoon nap to your luxurious rooms. Catch the sunset at Anantara Terrace and then head to the Tattva Spa for a relaxing evening. Next, grab an artisanal cocktail at the Float bar and end your night by having a pan-Asain feast at dinner at Zenith, under the stars.”