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How Will April 2024’s Mercury Retrograde Impact You?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

It’s that time of the year again when you can blame everything that’s going wrong in your life on the movement of a planet, which is millions of kilometers away from Earth. Yes, Mercury is officially in retrograde!

Even if you’re not into astrology, there’s a good chance you’ve heard people around you blame technology failures, communication gaps and basically anything that goes wrong under the sun on the mysterious sounding phenomenon.

Now that we’ve entered the first Mercury retrograde of 2024, it’s time to not only unpack it once more, but also dispel some of the myths surrounding the significant astrological event.

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What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Despite its scary sounding name and implications, Mercury retrograde is nothing but an optical illusion. For a period of three weeks, the planet of communication appears to be rotating backwards due to its proximity to Earth. Every planet goes in retrograde at regular intervals but we tend to feel the impact of Mercury’s retrograde more than others.

When Is Mercury Retrograde In 2024?

Mercury goes in retrograde three to four times in a year. 2024 kicked off with the planet ending its final retrograde on January 1. The first retrograde of this year began on April 1st and will last until April 25. The other retrogrades this year will fall between August 25-August 28 and November 25-December 15.


How Will The Mercury Retrograde In April 2024 Affect You?

The astrological phenomenon, though harmless, can alter the way we communicate, travel or connect with other people. Mercury retrogrades in 2024 are mostly occuring in fire signs and are the perfect time for reflection and contemplation. April’s retrograde falls in the middle of the eclipse season, with the lunar eclipse that occured on March 25 and the total solar eclipse scheduled for April 8. This means that it could cause confusion and emotional chaos, on top of the potential communication gaps that are charcateristic of a retrograde. The best way to navigate this period is to be still with your thoughts and process your emotions at your own pace.