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Gigi Bombay Is A Feast For The Senses

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Ananya Shankar

In just six months since its grand opening, Gigi Bombay has quickly become the favoured haunt for both A-listers and discerning epicureans alike. At the helm of this culinary phenomenon are the visionary trio: Pawan Shahri, Nikita Shahri and Dhaval Udesh, the founders of Chrome Asia Hospitality.

With a vision to redefine concept dining, Gigi seamlessly merges passion with innovation. Combining Euro-Japanese cuisine with craft cocktails, every meal promises an experience that beckons for return visits. Nikita Shahri’s artful design transforms the space into an oasis where sophistication seamlessly intertwines with comfort, setting the stage for unforgettable dining experiences orchestrated by Chef Beena Noronha. The impressive selection of drinks continues to draw patrons back time and again, thanks to its innovative cocktail craftsmanship. Each drink is a meticulously composed symphony of flavours, expertly crafted to titillate the palate.

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Amplifying the allure of Gigi is its menu, a fusion of Japanese and European culinary traditions that promise to transport diners on an unparalleled gastronomic journey. From locally sourced ingredients to premium cheeses and seasonal seafood, every dish is a testament to flavour and ingenuity.

Yet, Gigi’s aspirations extend far beyond its current locale. With expansion plans already in motion, Chrome Asia Hospitality aims to introduce the Gigi experience to new horizons, with five additional outlets slated for unveiling by 2025. From Mumbai to Dubai and beyond, Gigi is poised to captivate global audiences with its distinctive blend of elegance, flavours and exceptional hospitality.

Embark on an enchanting journey through the culinary landscape of Gigi by Chrome Asia Hospitality at their flagship location in Bandra, Mumbai, and discover firsthand why Gigi Bombay stands as a culinary beacon in its own right.

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