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Why Is France Spending INR 1800 Crores To Destroy Wine?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Wine enthusiasts, look away. The French government is on a mission to destroy gallons and gallons of wine soon. The government is spending €200 million (over INR 1800 crores) for the task.

The reason behind the tragic treatment of French wine is rather grim. Mounting problems like climate change, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, changing drinking habits around the country, and the cost-of-living crisis have brought the winemaking industry in France to this low point.

Making wine is getting increasingly difficult and expensive, and people are drinking less of it these days. This has led to a surplus which needs to be destroyed. To maintain cost prices that remain beneficial for winemakers, the European Union had allocated €160 million to France to eliminate the surplus. The French government topped up the budget and got to the task of purchasing excess stock from the winemakers and pursuing vineyard owners to use their lands to grow other crops, like olives.

Vineyard with grape-bearing vines©Pexels

France’s Agricultural Minister Marc Fesneau told Agence France-Presse that the money allocated is to be “aimed at stopping prices collapsing and so that winemakers can find sources of revenue again”.

Over 80 million gallons of wine will be destroyed and the alcohol left behind will be used in products like cleaning supplies, hand sanitisers, and perfumes.