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This Is What All Of Virat Kohli’s Tattoos Really Mean

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Virat Kohli has proven time and again why he’s one of the greatest batsmen India has produced. With his recent century against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023 Super Fours match in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the former Indian team captain has cemented his position in the gloried cricketing hall of fame.

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It’s no wonder that his prowess on the field has earned him an army of loyal fans that are influenced by his every move — Right from his style to hair cuts to his tattoos. The skipper is known for his love for getting tattoos that symbolise his journey from where he started to where he’s reached now.

In an episode of National Geographic’s series Mega Icons, Virat Kohli elaborated on his passion for getting inked. “To be very honest, when I was young it was about being a little cool when I started to get inked but slowly I realised that this is something that gives me a sense of my own identity. And from getting a random tribal design, to getting Shiva on my forearm now, it is a reflection of how my life has gone where it stands today and what I think and see of life back then to now,” he had said.

Here’s a deep dive into Virat Kohli’s tattoos…

How many tattoos does Virat Kohli have?

Virat Kohli has a total of 12 tattoos on his body, including the latest one he had done in April. Each one represents a significant part of his journey. In the National Geographic show, the cricketer stated. “I don’t need to look any further than both my arms to understand where I was and where I’ve come now.”

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What are the meaning behind Virat Kohli’s tattoos?

As he has stated many times in the past, each of Virat Kohli’s tattoo holds a special meaning for him. Here’s what his tattoos mean…

Tribal Art

Virat Kohli Tribal Art Arm Tattoo©$credits

The first tattoo that the cricketer got inked on himself was a piece of tribal art on his right forearm. According to Virat Kohli, it was meant to symbolise his aggression. He later admitted that he mostly got it to look cool!

Lord Shiva

Virat Kohli has a tattoo of Lord Shiva on his left forearm. It depicts Lord Shiva meditating on Mount Kailash with Lake Mansarovar in the background. Since the God represents destruction, the cricketer claims that it symbolises all that he wants to destroy within to be a better version of himself.


Virat Kohli Scorpio Arm Tattoo©$credits

The cricketer is a big believer in astrology, as evidenced by the ‘Scorpio’ tattooed on his right bicep. As you might have guessed, it’s his zodiac sign.

Parents’ Names

Virat Kohli has always been open about the important role his parents played in shaping his life. The cricketer got their names tattoed on himself to honour them and celebrate the connection he shares with them. In the show, he said that he wanted their names to be a part of him till the day he dies.

Numbers 175 and 269

The cricketer has numbers 175 and 269 tattooed on himself and these represent two important milestones in his career. Virat Kohli made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka in 2018. He was the 175th Indian cricketer to play that day. Number 269 represents the order he played in during his 2011 Test debut in a match against West Indies. On these tattos, Virat Kohli said, “These numbers will always remain significant with me because when you look back at the charts 200 years from now, my name will be in front of these numbers.”


Virat Kohli has a monastery tattooed on his left shoulder. It’s supposed to symbolise peace and power.

Japanese Samurai

Virat Kohli Samurai Arm Tattoo©National Geographic

According to Virat Kohli, the Bushido code followed by Japanese Samurais resonates deeply with him. It speaks of seven important virtues, including justice, honour, courage, honesty, benevolence, politeness and loyalty.

God’s Eye

Virat Kohli has a giant disembodied eye inked on his shoulder. It’s supposed to represent an omnipresent almighty and serve as a reminder to never steer away from his path and stay grounded.


The cricketer got the religious symbol tattoed on his left tricep. He believes that Om is a universal sound and is bigger than all of humanity combined. It makes him feel at peace with reality and helps him stay grounded.

Virat Kohli OM Arm Tattoo

A Geometric Flower Design

The most recent of Virat Kohli’s tattoos is a stunning floral art, created by Devendra Palav and designed by Sunny Bhanushali of Aliens Tattoo. According to a blog post by Bhanushali, the tattoo took 12 hours to create and was meant to serve as a “powerful reminder of his spiritual journey”.

Virat Kohli Geometric Flower Arm Tattoo©Aliens Tattoo