World Environment Day


Stella McCartney Has Created The First-Ever Bag Made Out Of Mushroom Leather

“How can that not be luxury,” British designer Stella McCartney had said back in 2017 at the release of her collection made out of plastic salvaged from the ocean, in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. The designer’s support for the environment continues as she becomes the first-ever label to release a bag made entirely out of mycelium, a mu

Empty make-up bottles

Plastic Wastage In Beauty Is A Real Problem—Here’s What The Industry Is Doing About It

With climate change no longer a distant possibility looming on the horizon, it has become necessary to examine every aspect of our lives to weed out the culprits. While plastic straws draw ire for the state of the world’s landfills—India alone is said to be producing a formidable amount of 3.3 million metric tons of plastic waste every year, accord