Oscar 2023 Best Moments

All The Best Moments From Oscars 2023

We called it! Everything Everywhere All At Once swept the Oscars with a total of seven wins out of the 11 categories they were nominated in. This is just one of the reasons why the 95th Academy Awards were one for the history books! It was a big moment for India at Oscars with three films nominated for trophies at the ceremony and Deepika Padukone

Still from the movie 'RRR'

Is ‘RRR’ Getting Nominated For ‘Best Picture’ At The Oscars?

SS Rajamouli’s grand epic film RRR has become a cultural phenomenon in the West. The movie’s high-octane action sequences and larger-than-life performances have captured the imagination of people from Mumbai to Los Angeles. Post its re-release as part of the Beyond Fest in the US, it has gained even more fan following, even from some well-known nam