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Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor Vacation Photos

Who Is Your Bollywood Vacation Twin?

Are you someone who loves to plan an extensive itinerary for your vacations so that you don’t miss any important spots? Or do you set off on exciting adventures with just a backpack and truckloads of gumption? We all love to take a break from the monotony of our daily lives and escape to destinations far away from the comforts of our homes for a br

Priyanka Chopra Spends A “Soul Sunday” With Her Girlfriends And Pets In LA And We’re Feeling Inspired

Everybody loves an easy-going, soulful Sunday, especially our favourite desi girl. Priyanka Chopra shared an Instagram post of her fun day out in Los Angeles with her friends and her three dogs, Diana, Gino, and Panda, who she shares with her husband, Nick Jonas. In the comfiest athleisure outfit of our dreams, the Quantico star spent the day with

Priyanka Chopra Dons A Red And White Baseball Uniform To Cheer For Nick Jonas At Recent Game

Whether it’s his sold-out concerts or family baseball games, Priyanka Chopra will always be there cheering for Nick Jonas, as evidenced by her recent Instagram posts. The actress shared photos from their ‘game day’ on Instagram where she could be seen posing in a red and white baseball uniform paired with a white crop top. The Quantico actress also